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Unlisted Locations

These unlisted location are definitely interesting. What will the future hold for them? Will they involve a world threatening battle? Will the parrot get his cracker? This page lists many addresses that are not only unlisted but also have had their links taken off. Well, now you know them.

Secret Locations The Parrot on the Hill
This location is definitely interesting. When you visit this page, you are greeted with various messages, this is an example:

You travel all the way to Mystery Island to find the alleged meeting place. Strange... at the top of this hill all you can see is a parrot. I wonder if he talks?
The Parrot grunts 'Cut it short princess, Im a busy man.'
The Parrot grunts 'Nice doing business with you.'
The Parrot says 'Pretty Aisha'
The Parrot grunts '15563'

What it is:
I know what this is. When there was a quest to find king coltzan's crown you had to go through a process and this parrot gave you clues. It's over now but you can listen to the parrot for fun. As well, the parrot helped us with the Volcano Mystery

Press Kit

Neopets Image Server

Maraqua Battledome

Maraqua Movie

Tiki Tack Free Stuff Tour

Whats this?
Its to do with the wheel of excitement every time you spin the wheel of excitement the flash file sends this URL a signal and then this URL will randomly generate a number from 1 - 9 where it says result= and whatever this number turns out to be that generates what prize you get on the wheel of excitement =) - Metallicdragon19

The Space Market

Unlisted Games

Kau Korral

Kiko Match Version 1 One of the 1st versions of Kiko Match

Dino Brush Teeth

Grundo's Gym

Faerie Cloud Racers (First Version)

Volcano Run (First Version)

Dubloon Disaster (First Version)

AirBud Seven Inning Fetch (Version 1)

Maths Nightmare (Version 2)

Ultimate Bulls Eye (Version 1)

Tarzan and Jane (Version unknown)

Feed Florg (Version 1)

GadGadsGame (Version unknown)

Goldfish Flavor Blasted Getaway

Unlisted Pages

Neopets Test Page
I was exploring, and I thought maybe neopets has a page they use to test out the site. Well, you know what? They do. It changes all the time, but today it says:
vTotal Odds : 29
# Horses : 4
Get bet back? yes
Races : 2000
Bet : 8000
Win : 9496

But the win number changes when you refresh. I have no idea what this is.

What it is:
This is a test page for Poogle Racing

Bad Pets
Wow! Neopets must have been having a creative block the day they made these.

Secret Message
At huberts hotdog stand in the end of the navigation bar type codestone at he will give you a secret message ohhhhhhh!

What it is:
Another part of the murder mystery no doubt!

Secret Message

What it is:
Another part of the murder mystery no doubt!

Unlisted Shops
Aquatic Delights was a Maraqua shop (or what is left of it) after Maraqua was destroyed. Ah well.

Utility Fish for all.

Video Rentals.
The Apothecary