Volano Run

Volano Run

In this game, you play as Glubgar the Tyrannian Scorchio. He decides to venture into a volcano of hot magma! The lava will kill off the poor Scorchio, unless you can get him safely past the buring rocks, and steaming tunnels. Try and guide Glubgar through the tunnel!

How to play:

To play, use the left mouse button to fly. Click it faster to go faster. Let go of the button to make the scorchio slowly descend. As soon as he hits and of the rocks, flames, or tunnels in the volcano, he will lose a life, and you will have to start over.

To slow yourself down, press the spacebar. It will help you on occassions when you need to dodge a rock, a wall or flames. Glubgar will slow, but he won't stop, and if you let go of all the buttons, he will fall, and lose another life. So make sure your hand is always on the keys. Avoid all objects, other then the shiny crystals, blue shields, or clouds. If you hit anthing other then these objects, you will be forced to start the level over without one of your lives. Avoid fiery bombs that fly toward you. Try not to hit the walls or the rocks.

Collect the crystals for extra points. If you get a blue shield, it will let you hit a rock, wall, or flame without dying, but then after one hit, it is used up. So don't purposely try to hit the wall. A cloud will slow you down for a few seconds. That may or may not help you. Some people would rather go fast throughout the game, while other like to go slower. So it depends on which you like to do, in order to tell if it will help. But for those of you who like going slower, this will mean that you can keep flying without having to press the spacebar, which will help you.

This game does not give you many neopoints, unless you are very skilled, and can get very far through the tunnels of the volcano. For example, If you have a score of 670 by the time you die, and you decide to sendscore, you will only have 170 neopoints from playing the game that time. So don't be decieved by what your score says. You will not gain 670 neopoints from that.


  1. Always try to get the blue crystals, they will gain points to your score.
  2. Avoid all objects, except the blue ones. All the objects that are safe to touch are blue.
  3. Some rocks will move, watch which way they are going, because they will eventuall go the opposite way, and make sure you are ready for their chab=nges in direction.