Tricks of the Trade aka Neopets

Tricks of the Trade aka Neopets Cheats

Hidden sites and game passwords

-I do not suggest that anyone do Jhudora's quest or Illusen's quests because the items you have to find cost much more than the prize you will reiceve.

-The Faerie Queen's Castle:

-Updated almost daily answers to the Faerie Crossword:

-How to get different avatars:

-The snowager sleeps at (these are the Eastern times): 1am-1:59am, 9am-9:59am, and 5pm-5:59pm

-Advent Caledar (gives a prize to anyone who visits this site every month in Decemeber):

-Free Jelly daily:

-Jelly Blobs of Doom (this is a hidden game, to get extra points pick up the negg that appears): type "rainbownegg"

-Dubloon Disaster (to create a whirlpool): type "scallywags"

-Sutek's Tomb (to get an extra 30 seconds added to your time): type "plzsutekcanihavemoretime"

-If you haven't gotten enough secrets yet, check out this site: