Neopets Online Guide


Neopets Full Strategy and Beginner's Guide

+-------------------+ |+-----------------+| ||TABLE OF CONTENTS|| |+-----------------+| +-------------------+ 1. Intro a. Co-Author 2. Goals 3. Choosing a Bundle of Fluff 4. Caring for Your Pet a. Feeding b. Money c. Health d. Intelligence e. Power 5. The Games (121) a. Puzzle Games (36) b. Action Games (52) c. Luck/Chance Games (33) d. Archive (24) 6. World Tour a. Neopia Central b. Terror Mountain c. Tyrannia d. Virtupets Space Station e. The Ruins of Maraqua f. Mystery Island g. Krawk Island h. Faerie Land i. Lost Desert j. Haunted Woods k. Meridell 7. Other Things In Neopia a. Guilds b. Random Events c. The Neopian Times d. Auctions/Trading e. Your Own Shop f. NeoHome g. NeoDeck h. PetPets i. The Neopian Stockmarket j. Stamp Collecting 8. Pyro's Routine 9. Neopets Event Calendar 10. Contributors 11. Latest 5 Updates 12. Copyright Info 13. Contact Info +----------+ |+--------+| ||1. INTRO|| |+--------+| +----------+ I'm a veteran of Ultima Online, and I've dabbled in EverQuest (if you call two weeks "dabbling"). Even ignoring the fact that both charge a monthly fee, they never did hold my interest as long as Neopets has. Why, you ask? Trust me, I did have barrels of fun in UO, and I made better friends there than I normally have luck with in real life. But, I'll tell you what turned me off to it: the lack of frequent updates to the game engine. I mean, a game's replayability is usually the main thing I look at when I buy a game. With online games, this should be advantageous, because there should ALWAYS be updates going on. New rewards, new challenges, new reasons to keep committing time to the game instead of, say, to my girlfriend. Ultima Online did not severely update their engine for a LONG time, and even now, they still don't add things on any sort of regular basis. Then there's Neopets. Neopets doesn't even charge the $10/month fee, and they still manage to add new items daily, and new games and such monthly or sooner. What's the reason? I certainly don't know, but I'm reaping the benefits. I'm a LONG-time vet of Neopets. I mean, I played back when the whole system was so unstable that every time you hit Refresh, you were logged in as someone else. Thankfully, the world is much more reliable than that now, and there's so much to do, it'll take a long time before you get bored. The purpose of this FAQ is two-fold. In the basic parts, I'll show you how to take care of your little bundles of fluff, turning them from weak wittle babies to mad powerhouses that can rip holes in everything in the universe. Section 5 is the other major part of the FAQ, in which I describe in detail EVERY SINGLE GAME available. When a new game comes, I'll throw an update into the fire as soon as possible. This is probably my most ambitious project ever, especially considering that it's never-ending, in theory, with Neopets being updated and adjusted every day. Hang on to your seats, it's gonna be a ride into a cute and vicious little world! +-------------+ |1a. Co-Author| +-------------+ After April 11, 2003, I needed a co-author to help me. While I could still update my website and maintain my Neopets guild, I didn't have the time to play every new game that came my way. Luckily, Lord Treant ( came to my rescue. He's co-writing the guide now, and you can contact him through Neomail and such by looking up the name Treant99. +----------+ |+--------+| ||2. GOALS|| |+--------+| +----------+ The markings of a good MMOG (massively multi-player online game) is that, aside from having replayability until the planet explodes from a meteor in a thousand years, it offers multiple paths and ways to experience the world. Your goal of Neopets is probably different than mine, and you certainly shouldn't be ashamed of that. I am a rather hardcore gamer, but I less like PC and online games than I do console games. That means my monsters will be more powerful than extremely casual gamers, but less powerful than hardcore online gamers. What's that mean to you? Well, you need to figure out exactly what you want to do in the world. If you're only in Neopia casually, then you can pretty much do and not do anything you want. You can choose to play only the games you're good at, you can choose to spend as little money as possible for armor and food, you can completely ignore your shop and house. If you're in Neopia for monsters' power, you should focus on getting money and trading for armor and weapons. You need to spend every spare NP you have on training, and you need to concentrate on teaching your monster moves. You should only have one monster so you can focus all your efforts and cash into it. Maybe you're here for just monetary wealth. Let your monster's health die, who cares? He's only a means to an end to get the almighty dollar. Get a nice house to show off your bank account. Open a shop to sell those otherwise worthless items you win from games. Or then, maybe you're like me. I've got several pets, I've got some money in my account, I have a small house, I spend my cash more or less equally across the board. I simply like BEING in Neopia. Never mind any specific, long-term idea; I just want to enjoy myself. Whatever you choose as your path, there is one thing that is universally true: you need at least one Neopet. +-------------------------------+ |+-----------------------------+| ||3. CHOOSING A BUNDLE OF FLUFF|| |+-----------------------------+| +-------------------------------+ Okay, because I am doing this FAQ for an online game, and all records of pets and users are public, I'm going to do something that is rather special and unique as far as FAQs are concerned. I will divulge my personal info (not my password or anything) so you can see exactly what the heck I'm talking about and doing at any given time. First of all, if you ever want all the info on me, just type "pyrofalkon" in the search box on the bottom of the main bar. You'll see two choices probably: PyroFalkon the Meerca (a pet that's owned by a friend of mine and named after me), and pyrofalkon, the user (me). Just click my name to get all my info, like my age, house size, and all that stuff. All right, once you check me out (or if you simply don't want to), it's time to choose a pet for yourself. Now, as I said, I'm going to make a new pet specifically for the purposes of this FAQ. He'll be the guinea pig for tests, and you'll see him in all FAQ-related projects. He won't be my flagship (my most powerful guy), but he'll be at least better than two of my pets. Okay, the first thing you need to do is choose whether you want to make a new pet or adopt one that's already been created. Though adoptable pets may have additional powers or knowledge than babies, you have to realize that those pets in the adoption agency are there for a reason. Probably, they ARE babies that their owners didn't want anymore, and therefore aren't worth your time. If you do indeed want to adopt, then simply click Pet Central at the top of the main yellow bar, then click Visit the Neopian Pound in the main body of the page. It's more fun to create one though, because you get to name it, choose its species and gender, select a color, and choose its personality. Simply click "Create A Pet" near the top of the main bar to get started. You are immediately prompted to choose a speicies. You may want to scroll through all of them before making a final choice, as there are at least 46 species to choose from. A couple are Restricted, which means that you cannot just create one like this. A few others are marked as Limited Edition, which means that there are a finite number of those pets allowed in the world. The species really do not vary from one to another aside from looks. If you wish to get a short description of any, just click on its picture (if you want to see one that's drank a litte too much caffeine, click the picture of the Meerca). Even if a species looks weak, like the JubJub, you can always build it up to be a regular Arnold Schwartzenagger. Once you have decided on the species you want, click the radio button beneath it, and then click the button marked "I Have Chosen" at the bottom. For my special FAQ pet, I've selected an Ixi. Now you'll proceed to the second screen, where you input details of your pet. The first line asks for the name. Let me warn you right now: unless you choose something REALLY off the wall, you'll need to add numbers to it. Over 54 million pets are registered, and no two pets can have the same exact name. All the basic ones are taken, so you may have to toss a few numbers on the end to get it approved. You also get to choose your pet's gender, color, and hobbies on this screen as well. My Ixi is red, and it lives in the mountains. It likes hunting for treasure, and it approaches others with caution. Oh, and its name is SixamDeTrinsic (the name of my old Ultima Online character). I'll refer to him as Sixam for short in my FAQ. Now, in practice, these options are only cosmetic. That is, they have no actual bearing on the game itself, but they are used to customize your pet apart from the others. Once you're happy with all your choices, click the "Create [name] the [species]" button. On the next screen, you get to see your new pet's statistics. You can click the Re-Roll button if you want to gamble for something better. Once you're happy, click the "Enter Neopia" button. Sixam's starting stats are 9 Health, Average Strength and Defense, Lightning Movement, a height of 64 cm, and a weight of 57 lbs. You now are the proud owner of a little beast of your own! It's still a stupid baby though, and it can't take care of itself, so it's time to start playing parent. +------------------------+ |+----------------------+| ||4. CARING FOR YOUR PET|| |+----------------------+| +------------------------+ Now that we've got little Sixam, it's time to examine his stats and health in detail. Click Pet Central in the main bar, then click the Quick Ref link at the top of the main screen. +-----------+ |4a. Feeding| +-----------+ Here, you get to see all your pets (or, probably in your case, your only one). Your newly made pet starts off its life fully fed, but we should still collect some food for when it gets hungry. Examine your pet's stats as much as you want, then click the Explore link in the main bar. Here you see a picture of the world of Neopia as it stands today. Trust me, it wasn't nearly this large when I started two years ago. There will be time to explore it all later; right now, we have a specific destination. Click Tyrannia, near the top middle. Once that page loads, click Plateau, near the top right. Next, click the Giant Omelette on the left side. This is a specific portion of Neopia that you'll probably visit a lot, especially in the early days of your account. You will be allowed to FREELY grab one piece of omelette every 24 hours here. One full piece of omelette, no matter what the flavor, gives a whopping three meals. Not bad for no cost, eh? If you try to grab more than one piece, the omelette guardian, Sabre-X will bar you from getting any. Don't make him mad, he's not very nice to theives. Anyway, now that you have your food, I'll show you how to feed your pet, whether you have to worry about actually feeding it or not. Click Pet Central in the main bar, then click the Your Items link. You'll be taken to your current inventory. You may already have some items if you just got here to the world (a newbie pack), and you should have your omelette as well. When it comes time to jam the food down a pet's throat, simply click the picture of the food you want to feed to it. You'll be taken to a screen that lists a few details of the food (ignore the value, the economy is a little screwed up in Neopia). From the drop-down menu at the bottom of the new window, you have a whole mess of options you can choose. Click "Feed to [name]" to shove it down the pet's gullet. Again, don't worry about it now, since your pet is probably bloated already from being born. Here is the hunger scale, by the way, from most hungry to least hungry: Dying, Starving, Famished, Very Hungry, Hungry, Not Hungry, Fine, Satiated, Full Up, Bloated. So, how do you collect food when you can't grab any more from the giant omelette? There are a million shops that users like you have created to sell all sorts of items. To search one, click the Shops link in the main bar, then click the blue tent at the top. This leads you to the Shop Wizard, a little guy who will check out all the shops in the world for the item you want. You can put in a min and max price if you wish, but don't worry about that for now. Just for starters, type "plain omelette" in the search box, and click Search Shops. The value of an omelette, according to the site, is around 200 NP. The price you can get from a user is around 30 or less. See what I mean about the economy being screwed up? Well, it IS stable, so long as you simply ignore the so-called value. The users in the game set the real value, making the economy EXTREMELY player-driven. Anyway, you can click the name of a shop owner to head to his or her shop. Browse around a bit, pick up another omelette if you want to (or don't). +---------+ |4b. Money| +---------+ All economies of the world rely on money. Obviously, Neopia is no exception. The monetary unit in this came is called a Neopoint, or NP for short. Now that you have a bit of food, and your pet is satisfied for now, it's time to start worrying about your account as a whole. Click the Shops link, then click the Bank that shows up (it's in the thin bar at the top in the main window). Here, you can open a bank account to hold excess NP. Also, any amount of money in your account will gain interest daily. You get more interest if you deposit more, but of course, at the moment, you can only choose the Junior Saver option. Let me take a second to describe how this interest thing works. Every day, you have to actually claim your interest, or it won't get added to your account. Simply go into the bank, then click "Claim Interest" once you have an account open. Any interest that's due will be given to the amount you have already deposited. Here's two things very, VERY important: first, the interest is only calculated based on what's IN THE BANK. That means if you have 1 NP in the bank and a million NP on-hand, you won't be collecting any interest. Because of that, you should only keep on-hand what you absolutely need. I always have from 500-1500 NP, never any more. Second, interest CANNOT be collected if you have withdrawn or deposited any money within 24 hours of it being calculated. That means that the FIRST THING you need to do when you log on every day is get your interest! Do not deposit anything, do not withdraw anything, just IMMEDIATELY get that interest! After that, you can deposit or withdraw to your heart's content until the next day. The primary way of getting NP is playing games. Depending on your skill, you can get some MASSIVE amounts every day. I play VERY casually and still make over 20,000 NP per day. Some people make upwards of 100,000 NP or more daily. There are a ton of money sinks in the game, like Neohouses and Neodecks. If you love money, don't bother with any of those. I'll talk more about games and money sinks later. Anyway, more about the bank. Though it's something different than what I'm talking about at the moment, there is a safety deposit box in the game where you can hold excess items. This is good, because you can only carry 50 items on you at once. Also, there may be random events where your items on-hand can get stolen! Don't worry, your items in your safety deposit box are always safe. To access it, click Shops, then click the far-right icon in the upper, thin yellow bar. Just like money, you can deposit and withdraw anything anytime you want to. Knock yourself out. +----------+ |4c. Health| +----------+ Sometimes, your pet may come down with the flu or another nasty disease. If that happens, you'll have to buy the cure, which can be a bit pricey. You'll know if your pet is sick simply by looking at its picture in the Quick Ref link under Pet Central. If he is ill, then click Shops, and then the Hospital in the main window. You can get a complete list of all illnesses and cures there. Once you know what the medicine is, click Back on your browser, then click into the Pharmacy. Here, the price is typically cheap. However, users buy out the Pharmacy FAST. If there are no cures there, search for it in the Shop Wizard (the blue tent, remember?). Hopefully, it won't be TOO pricey. +----------------+ |4d. Intelligence| +----------------+ Your new pet is a baby. As such, it's as dumb as a rock, and you need to fill that air-head of his or hers with knowledge! To do so, you need to find books. There's a bunch of shops all over the place that sell books for you, including user shops and official Neopia bookstores. In effect, the books do not differ from one to another; reading "Nimmo Winter Tales" to a pet won't be any better or worse than "Neopian Encyclopedia U-Z." In this case, it's quantity over quality. In order to give the little monster a crash course in something, first you need the book in your possession. Buy it or whatever, then click Your Items from Pet Central. Click its picture, then read to your pet in the same manner as if you're feeding the book to it. The book will poof after that, though, so make sure you're not teaching the same book more than once to the same pet. To see what books a pet has read, get to the Quick Ref, then click the link that is your pet's level of intelligence. You'll see an unsorted list of all books; I keep a personal alphabetical list on my computer in a Word file just to make it a little easier on myself. Again, reading the same book twice won't have any effect, so double-check your list if you're not sure. +---------+ |4e. Power| +---------+ Your pets can be little blobs of fluff and fat if you wish. However, you can also make them into muscular little monsters of destruction and mayhem! The main way to increase a monster's base power is to train it in one of two training schools. Click the Explore link in the main bar, then select either Krawk Island or Mystery Island. In Krawk Island, the school in question is called The Academy. In there, you have to pay dubloons that can be won through specific games. In Mystery Island, the school is called, remarkably, the Training School. Here you have to pay Codestones, which come in eight different types. Codestones can only be bought or found randomly as an event, they cannot just simply be won as far as I'm aware. No matter which school you choose, once you pay the price and select which statistic you want to raise, your pet will be committed to that school for a certain amount of real time (in hours). It can still follow you around, but it can't go on another course at the same time, and it won't get that stat boost until the time is done. Codestones and Dubloons are approximately the same price (around 2500 to 3000 NP). The time it takes for a course is quite shorter in Mystery Island's Training School. But then, it's MUCH easier to win a Dubloon than it is to find a Codestone. So basically, the school that you should choose depends entirely on whether you want to spend money on the item directly or whether you want to spend time playing the game. If you want to spend time playing the games to get Dubloons, then do so, and spend those Dubloons on the school. If you're just going to buy the items outright, just buy Codestones so you get the courses over with quicker. Aside from affecting the base power, you can also get armor and weapons for your pets too. For a master list (and it's a very large master list), click the World link on the left, then click Neopedia near the top, and finally click Battlepedia near the top. Here you get to see all the items you can use. You can search for and buy most of these in the Shop Wizard, but don't buy like a madman, because you may not have a whole lot of money afterwards (these things can get expensive). Also, try to shop around a bit to make sure you get a good deal. But remember, the best weapon cannot beat a high base statistic. Note that a lot of items are species-dependent. In other words, Kiko Armour won't fit a Lupe. +--------------+ |+------------+| ||5. THE GAMES|| |+------------+| +--------------+ Your pet is born. He's healthy, full, and ready to battle! But we need to get him trained first. To do that, we need to get items like Dubloons. To get those, we need NP. To get NP, we need to play some games! Click the Games link in the main bar to go to the first game selection screen. There are four categories you see: Puzzles, Action Games, Luck/Chance Games, and the Featured Game (which changes now and then, and can be found in one of the other categories as well). Most games have a limit on how often you can play them: the majority limit you to three plays per day. Remember that you usually do NOT have to submit a score once you finish! If you score REALLY badly, then don't submit it, and it won't count (can we say "practice round"?). Note that you can actually PLAY any game as many times as you want, you just won't get rewarded more than three times (or whatever the limit is). You'll get NP from every game, as I said, and some are WAY more lucrative than others. My personal standard is 300; if I can't get that much from a game usually, it's not worth my time to play it. I've put down two difficulty ratings for each game. The first is how easy or hard it is to get the controls of the game; basically, how difficult it is to play and succeed. That one is rated on this scale: Baby, Easy, Easy/Medium, Medium, Medium/Hard, Hard, and Insane. The second difficulty is how easy or hard I think it is to get my standard of 300 NP in one play. That's rated on this scale: Guaranteed, Very High, High, Medium, Low, Very Low, and Nearly Impossible. By the way, there are currently 121 games total, not including the ones in the Game Archive. +----------------+ |5a. Puzzle Games| +----------------+ These games test your mind more than your fingers. Most are slow-paced, so if you're just in Neopia to have a casual game, this may be your place of choice. There are currently 36 puzzle games. ================================================ ARMADA Difficulty: Easy/Medium Reward: None Limit: None Okay, this game is kinda fun. Each side starts out with twelve ships, situated in the corners of the board. The game is over when all the spaces on the board are filled, and the winner is whoever has more ships. In order to start capturing enemy ships and spaces, you need to move your own fleet. You have two options here: you can either create new ships or take a ship and jump a space. To make a new ship, click any ship you control, then click an adjacent empty space. The new ship will be created immediately. To jump, simply click whatever ship you want to move and click an empty space, but remember that you can only jump one space (so you can't jump all the way across the board). You can jump over your own or enemy ships. If you create a new ship, any enemy ship that the new one is touching gets converted to your side. Also, once you jump, the ship that moved will convert enemy ships touching it. So, the point is to touch as many enemy ships as you can. As the game begins, you need to just create ships and expand the fleet. Try to surround the enemy, but remember that they can jump you if you only have a single layer surrounding them. Once all the spaces are filled, whoever has more ships wins. Of course, if one side loses all their ships, then they lose right then. ================================================ ATTACK OF THE MARBLEMEN Difficulty: Hard Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This is a very hard puzzle game, but it's easy to get the hang of. The time limit is the real threat, but then, if there was no time limit, it would probably be WAY too easy. The basic idea is to get the marbles into the same-colored toy boxes in the stage. To do that, you have to click the triangles in the stage to create bumpers. When the marble hits the bumper, it changes direction depending on the angle of the bumper. Marbles only change direction in 90-degree angles, so you won't ever have to worry about them going diagonally. If a marble hits a bomb, you run out of time, or a marble goes into a toy box of a different color, you lose a life. Three strikes and you're out. Although passwords are given for every five levels, you shouldn't bother with them unless you're bound and determined to get through the levels. If you're only interested in NP, just start from level 1 (it'll be easier that way to earn cash). The NP ratio was recently changed to 1 to 4, so you should see decent profits from this. ================================================ CAPTION COMPETITION Difficulty: Variable Reward: 2000 NP, Rare Item, Trophy Limit: None The Caption Competition is where you get to submit a caption to a weird picture. It has to be approved by the Neopets staff (nothing dirty, this IS a kids' site!), but after that it will be displayed publicly. Anyone can vote for their favorite caption, and whoever gets the most votes gets all the treasure. The picture changes every few weeks or so, so check back often to see if there's an update. ================================================ CELLBLOCK Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP, and probably a trophy Limit: None This game is a fun and addictive little puzzler that is like Extreme Tic-Tac-Toe (it's more fun than it sounds, trust me). You play against a CPU opponent, and the goal is to get five of your pieces in a row. You have to outthink your opponent and block him whenever possible. You have to win the best of a series of matches, and you get a set reward for fully beating one enemy. Upon doing so, you move on to the next one, who is harder but worth more. Make sure you read the rules, because they throw little changes about piece placement after the first match. ================================================ CHEAT! Difficulty: Variable Reward: Neopoints Limit: None You must pay 50 NP to play In Cheat!, you have a deck of cards and three opponents. Basically, you have to get rid of all the cards in your hand to win. You can play from one to four cards in a turn. The cards should be the same value, and you have to declare to the others that what the value is. (For example, you can play three Jacks or two Jacks or however many you have, but you have to declare that you are playing Jacks with the dropdown menu). Simply click the cards you wish to play, declare the value, then click the Go! button. Except for the first turn of the game, you're only allowed to play cards of a similar value to what was just played. So, if your opponent declared that he played Queens, you can only play Jacks, Queens, or Kings. Now, here's the catch to the game: YOU ARE ALLOWED TO LIE. You can play ANY four cards, and you call them all the same value if you want to! However, if you do cheat, and you are accused of it by your opponents, you have to pick up ALL the cards that are in the pile! If you are accused of cheating and didn't, then the accuser has to pick up the cards! Once your turn is over, the first computer opponent will go. After that, you can accuse that player of cheating. Again, if you're right, the cheater has to take the whole pile. If you're wrong, you take the whole pile. Or, you can just allow them to have made that move. It can be relatively easy to figure out when someone is cheating. For example, you know that there's no more than four of any rank of card in a standard deck. So, let's say you're holding three 10s. If an opponent plays at least two cards and declares them 10s, then you know he's cheating (that would be a total of five 10s, you see). Try to keep track of where the cards go. Once you have only a few cards in your hand, things can get downright difficult to figure out who has what cards. Try not to cheat TOO often if you don't think you can get away with it. Cheat when the the pile is thin, so if you are caught, the damage won't be too severe. Zane McFate ( has given me his idiot's guide to the game... ################################################ A few things you'll need to get into your head before you attempt this: 1) Do NOT cheat! - I know the object of the game is to cheat, but believe me, it's easier this way. Also, the final enemy always knows when you're cheating. 2) Follow the rules given here for EVERY situation. - It's tempting to take a shot and risk totally shaming the enemy, but in the long run, it's going to cost you. 3) Don't curse at the computer. - It's fun, but you'll hurt the computer's feelings. Okay, the steps are simple. First, make sure you understand the rules (read Pyrofalkon's area if you don't). Now that you're ready, here are the steps: Your Turn: Pick a suitable card or cards, then select the correct card value; DO NOT LIE! Next Two Enemies' Turns: Only accuse them of cheating if you can prove it (e.g., they are setting down three Kings and you have two of them). Otherwise, let them do their thing. Last (Rightmost) Enemy's Turn: Here, you must pay attention to the specific card this character plays. If, for example, it is a 4, see if you have an adjacent or equal card in your deck (3,4, or 5). If you DON'T have a card in that range, ACCUSE THEM OF CHEATING! Or, of course, if you can prove that they are cheating, go for it. Go back to "Your Turn", as that's where you are now :) The logic behind the method: I always found myself irritated when I would be placed in a position where I was forced to cheat, and I knew the computer was going to catch me (at the higher levels, they are extremely intelligent and sometimes psychic). So I would get so close to winning, but they would completely crush me! Then I realized that I could cause them a lot of misery if I never cheated; then they would be collecting all the cards instead of me. The only time you have to collect from the pile with my technique is when you accuse the most skilled player (who, incidentally, is the most frequent cheater; how do you think he goes out so fast?). Another interesting fact about cheating is that it's less costly to you to make a mistake when the pile's low, but that also greatly reduces the likelihood that anyone's actually cheating, so getting rid of cheating just makes it that much easier. Good luck, throw me an email if you get the trophy; I want to see those trophies shooting up! ################################################ ================================================ CLIFFHANGER Difficulty: Variable Reward: Neopoints Limit: 1500 NP per day This is Hangman, and I hope to Heaven you know how to play. Pick a letter, and if it's in the puzzle, it shows every occurance. If it's not, the little walrus dude (called a Tuskaninny) will advance up the cliff. Too many wrong guesses, and your walrus pal will commit suicide. You can win instantly by writing in the whole puzzle, but if you are wrong even by a single letter, you will lose instantly. The difficulty level you select before each game affects what letters you can choose. On easy, you can pick any of the 26 letters. On hard, all the common letters are locked and not choices. Of course, the higher the difficulty, the better your reward. ================================================ CODEBREAKERS Difficulty: Medium Reward: Neopoints Limit: 3 plays per day This is commonly known as Mastermind. A code consisting of four colored stones will be hidden from your view. You have 10 chances to guess what the answer is. The colors are Red, Yellow, White, Green, Blue, and Brown. They CAN repeat. After you make your initial guess, you'll be told how many you have right, and whether they're in the correct positions. This game can be tackled logically, but you'll need to practice a bunch of times first. Your first guess should ALWAYS be Red, Red, Red, Red. That will tell you how many reds are in puzzle. After that, guess as many reds as you had right, but replace the wrong ones with the next color. Example... Guess #1: R/R/R/R You're told that two are right. Guess #2: R/R/W/W Now, you KNOW that there are two reds in the puzzle. So, if you guess R/R/W/W and you're told "Two are right, both in the wrong position," then you know 1) there are no whites, and 2) the reds are in the 3rd and 4th positions. So... Guess #3: Y/Y/R/R Continue like this, and you'll find your answer eventually. If, on guess #2, you're told that one is right, and another is right but in the wrong position, then you know 1) There are no whites, and 2) one of the reds is on the left side, the other is on the right. So... Guess #3: R/Y/R/Y If you are told that you have two in the right position, then you know that the reds are correct, so just replace the yellows on the next guess. If you are told that you have two in the wrong position, simply put the two reds in the other places, and still change the yellows on the next guess. Things get far more complicated than this, however. If you are told after guess #2 that two are right in the wrong position and one is right in the right position, then you know 1) there are two reds, and 2) there is one white. However, you won't know what's in the right position. So for your next guess, you have to try to guess what's where. To do that, only move ONE piece, and compare your results... Guess #1: R/R/R/R (2 right) Guess #2: R/R/W/W (2 wrong, 1 right) Guess #3: R/Y/R/W Now, if you are told that 2 are right and 1 is wrong, then you know that you moved either the red or the yellow into the correct position. So for your next guess... Guess #4: R/Y/B/R If you are told that 1 is right and 2 are wrong, then you should leave that red in the third position from here on out. Or, if you are told that three are right and none are wrong, then leave all but the brown in the same place, and just replace it with the next color. Continue like this trial and error, and you'll definitely have the answer in ten guesses. This game used to be EXTREMELY lucrative if you could get this system down, but now they've limited it to only 500 NP per play as a prize. That blows, because I used to be making over 10K a play. Bah. ================================================ DECKSWABBER Difficulty: Easy/Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This is sort of like that old arcade game Q-bert. You play as a blue Blumaroo, and you have to hop on the tiles to change their color. At first, the color will stay permanently changed (unless a box explodes on a tile), but eventually your hops will change them back. Basically, you have to find a path on the tiles to trip them all to other colors without retracing your steps. You'll also have to avoid enemies on the way. I'm not a very big Deckswabber fan, especially with that infernal BOING BOING BOING crap every second. It's almost as annoying as Mr. Game and Watch's taunt from Super Smash Brothers Melee. Damn I hate that taunt. ================================================ DESTRUCT-O-MATCH Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day Double-clicking any tile will destroy it and any others of the same color that are touching it. This works in a combo: if there are 30 yellow blocks all touching each other, double-clicking any of them will destroy them all and net you large amounts of points. The strategy is to get rid of the little chains, like pairs and triplets, to get a HUGE group of the same color, then take that monster chain out to get obscene points. ================================================ FAERIE CAVES Difficulty: Insane Reward: NP, but not enough to make it worth it Limit: 3 plays per day You have to lead a Lupe through a maze. It's extremely difficult to get through it, especially if your modem lags. The NP reward just does not warrant the amount of stress and time committment you need to get through it. I'd skip it if I were you. ================================================ FAERIE CROSSWORD Difficulty: Variable Reward: 200, 400, or 600 NP Limit: 1 play per day The Library Faerie, who is a massive hottie in my eyes, has a little crossword puzzle ready to go. The clues can range from hard to really stupid, so try your luck. There's a new one every day. ================================================ FETCH! Difficulty: Hard Reward: I don't know Limit: 3 plays per day You're thrown into a maze, and you have a limited number of moves to find an object AND get out of the maze. Even the "Easy" difficulty is pretty tough. You can see the item, so don't think it's invisible or anything. ================================================ GADGADSGAME Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This is a little like Tetris, but don't think it's the classic game you know and love. Every few seconds, a series of three fruits will drop from the ceiling. You can rotate it, but you need to place it somewhere in the field. Occasionally, a fruit in the series of three will be blinking. This is a fruit bomb, and when it lands, if there's any food of the same type touching the bomb, it will be destroyed. They work in a chain, so try to group similar fruits together so you can wipe out whole piles at once. That's where the big points lie, and you'll get 1 NP for every 2 points you score. ================================================ GEOS Difficulty: Easy Reward: None Limit: None This multiplayer game is pretty fun. The idea is to make four shapes on the board, while your opponent is doing the same. Here's the catch: you can't see your opponent's pieces. Here's the shapes you need to make: A circle... XX X X X X XX A square... XXX X X XXX A rectangle... XXX X X XXXX X X or X X XXX XXXX And a triangle... X X XXXXX XX XX X X X or X X or X X or X X X XX XX XXXXX X X Now, if you try to place a piece where an opponent's piece already is, the opponent's piece gets destroyed, and you get to take another turn (you can put it in the same spot if you want, or a different spot, or you can try to bomb another enemy's piece). On the other hand, if you pick a spot in which your opponent already has a COMPLETED shape, then you lose your turn. Examples... Let's say you've got this... XXXX X X XX And you're trying to complete your rectangle. Now let's say that your opponent is trying to work on a square at the same place (I'll mark his pieces with Os). XXXX X X XXOOO O O OO Okay, because his square is not completed, you can click any of those O pieces and blow them up. You'll also be able to go again, so you can plop a piece for your rectangle which also blocks his square... XXXX X X XXXXO O O OO Now, on the other hand, let's say he's completed his square... XXXX X X XXOOO O O OOO If you try to put a piece in any of those O pieces, you'll lose your turn because they're part of his completed shape. You cannot use a completed shape of your own to make another one. So, this won't work... XXXXXX X X X XXXXXX But, this will... XXXXXXX X XX X XXXXXXX Remember to spread your shapes out a bit. Putting everything in the center or the corners is a little too predictable. Like the famous game Battleship, you don't want your whole fleet in one little corner of the grid. ================================================ ICE CAVES PUZZLE Difficulty: Insane Reward: Not enough to make it worthwhile Limit: 3 plays per day This is the prequel to Faerie Caves. This is also extremely hard and not worth your time. There are far more lucrative games out there. ================================================ JHUDORA'S CLOUD Difficulty: Depends on your money Reward: NP or rare items Limit: None This game has the Dark Faerie, Jhudora, sending you for a few items. Now, if you have millions of NP in your bank account, this shouldn't be a problem because you can buy the items from the shops via the Shop Wizard. If you're broke though, this isn't a very good place to mess around in. If you accept, then get all the required items IN YOUR INVENTORY, then visit her again. You're under a time limit, so hurry with your clicks and typing. ================================================ KACHEEKERS Difficulty: Easy Reward: None Limit: None Does anyone not know how to play checkers? Well, in case you don't, here are the rules... Okay, each side starts with twelve pieces. You can only move your pieces diagonally, one space at a time, toward the opponent. If one of your pieces and an enemy's piece are touching, you can jump the enemy provided there is an open space on the other side. That eliminates the enemy's piece, as well as putting you in a good position. You can jump as many pieces as you can, too, as long as there's an open spot between them all. Once you get a piece all the way to other edge of the board, it becomes a king. Kings can move backward or forward, but they can still only move diagonally. They can get jumped just like regular pieces, so try to keep your kings behind the enemy's normal pieces. The strategy is to make all your pieces advance slowly. Try to make sure each of your pieces is backed up by another, thus preventing jumps. Keep your pieces spread across the board so the enemy can't go around your defense and get a king. Remember that if you can ever double-jump, do so, even if you have to sacrifice the jumper. Trading in one piece to eliminate two of your enemy's will definitely catch up in the end. ================================================ KIKO MATCH II Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day Kiko Match is like the old game Concentration. There's a series of cards, and you click any two to see the Kikos on the other side. If they match, both cards are removed and you score. If they don't, they flip back over. The goal is to clear the whole screen before time expires. If your short-term memory is good, then you can REALLY clean up here. ================================================ MATHS NIGHTMARE Difficulty: Depends on your math skill Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day Previously, I said that the title of the game should be "Math Nightmare." Well, I found out that that this wasn't a typo by the Neopets Staff. Despite being located in Californiam, the guys who run the site are British (hence the spellings of "defense" and "color" being "defence" and "colour"), and in England, you do indeed say "maths," not "math." Anyway, enough about grammar and dialect. If you suck at math, avoid this game at all costs. Even if you're good at math though, you have to be fast. Even a simple problem like 18+8 looks hard when it's coming down at top speed with a million other problems as well. There are five levels of problems, and the higher you go, the more points you can potentially earn. Use the keypad to type your answers, because it's much faster than trying it on the number row. ================================================ MERISTONES Difficulty: Hard Reward: NP Limit: None You must pay 15 NP to play I've never seen any game like this before in my life. At first, I wanted to say that it resembles backgammon, but it... er, doesn't. cjradical, a guildmate of mine, adds this great information... ################################################ A brief explanation of this game would to simply call it a form of mancala. The object is to score points by getting more “stones” into your goal then the draik. The game consists of 12 cups and 2 goals, 6 cups and 1 goal for you and same for the draik. You can choose to play with either 3, 4 or 5 stones per cup to start. When you pick up the stones in one cup they will be dropped 1 by 1 in the following cups. So say you pick up five stones from the last cup, you will land in the first cup. Now, if you are able to land your last stone into your goal you can go again, if your last stone does not land in the goal your turn is over. Now say for example, in cup 1 you have 2 or more stones, and you pick it up, a stone will be dropped into your goal. The rest of the remaining stones will be dropped 1 by 1 on the draik’s side. Now, late in the game you will end up with cups containing no stones, if the cup across from your empty one has stones in it, and you are able to land your last stone in your empty cup, it will steal those stones onto your side. The draik can do this also, but I have noticed the game can cheat. The most stones I have every successfully stolen was 3 while the computer has taken up to 5 of mine. Stealing stones can be very useful, the game is over when one player has no stones left, and all the stones in your cups will be added to your goal. The key to this game is strategy, and try to set up multiple moves. A good scenario is set 1 stone in cup 1, 1 in cup 2 and 3 in cup 3. You would pick up the first stone and put it into your goal and you get to go again. Pick up the stones from cup 3 and again you land in your goal. Pick up the stone now in cup 1 and score again. Pick up the 2 stones in cup 2 and over 2 turns you score 2 more times. The more multiple scores you receive the more each goal is worth. That’s how people get the massive points off the game. On the harder levels the draik can pull off more of these multiple turns so position everything carefully. ################################################ ================================================ NEGGSWEEPER Difficulty: Medium/Hard Reward: NP Limit: 3000 NP per day You must pay 30 NP per game Has anyone ever NOT played Minesweeper? On the field of Neggs, there are a few bombs. The bombs are bad, and your goal is to flag them. Simply click any Negg to get started. You'll probably see a number; the number indicates how many adjacent squares have bombs. You have to use the process of elimination to figure out exactly what is what. Let me show you a logical example to help your starting strategy... [ 1 ] [ 1 ] [ 1 ] [ N ] [ N ] [ 1 ] In this example, it's guaranteed that the middle Negg of the bottom row has a bomb. The bottom left one is a number, at least a 1. Always be aware of situations like this... [ N ] [ N ] [ N ] [ N ] [ 4 ] [ 2 ] [ 1 ] [ 1 ] [ ] The big clue is the 4. There's only four Neggs around it, so they must all be bombs. Double check all numbers before clicking any Negg to reveal it. When in doubt, flag; there's no penalty aside from time for flagging too many, and that way you don't accidentally reveal one you're not sure about. ================================================ NEOQUEST Difficulty: Medium/Hard Reward: NP and items Limit: None This is a long RPG story about a Lupe and his adventures. It's a standard role-playing game, and as such, it's kinda long. You'll need plenty of time to commit to this one, but luckily you can now play the game at any hour. Used to be that you could only play it in the late nights or early mornings due to web traffic congestion, but Neopets made a server change. ================================================ NEOWARDROBE Difficulty: None Reward: None Limit: None NeoWardrobe is only meant for fun, and does not give any sort of reward. You can choose a species and give them a variety of outfits, then print it out. This reminds me of the new Build-A-Bear Workshop stores around the country, except it's free. ================================================ PLUSHIE TYCOON Difficulty: Medium/Hard Reward: No idea yet Limit: None This game is unlike the recent surge of games with the word "Tycoon" in the title. Unlike Casino Tycoon, Ski Resort Tycoon, Golf Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, and others, Plushie Tycoon does not suck the giant sucking stick. In this game, you will be running a store with virtual Neopoints (funny, aren't Neopoints virtual in the first place? Maybe you're using virtual virtual Neopoints). You need to pay rent for your store, your factory, and your warehouse. Don't think that's all though, you have to spend money for workers, and you'll of course have to buy raw materials to make your plushies. That's still not all: don't forget to get some advertisments, and your store will probably need a bunch of, you know, carpet and stuff. Everything will of course cost money. You start with 50000 NP (VIRTUAL NP). The first thing you need to do is click on Your Store, Your Warehouse, and Your Factory to activate them and make your first rental payment. Now you need raw materials, so click that link to go to the material shop. You need four things to make a plushie: cloth, stuffing, accessories (like eyes, horns, etc.), and packing (boxes). You'll need around 2 units of cloth, 1 unit of stuffing, 1 unit of accessories, and 1 unit of packing to produce 100 plushies. That means if you want to make 1000 plushies, you need 20 units of cloth, 10 units of stuffing, 10 units of accessories, and 10 units of packing. When you select the accessories to buy, make sure you are sure what species you want to make. My store specializes in Ixis, so that's all I buy, but you may want to split your selection. The other thing you want to watch is the price of what you're buying. For example, green cloth is the cheapest, but it's also the crapiest. And you can stuff your plushies with old copies of the Neopian Times, but don't expect too many people to buy them. Figure out what you want to do: do you want to make a few extremely high quality plushies, or do you want to crack out millions of crappy things? Both ways are fine, as long as you compliment your choice with the rest of your decisions. Whatever you do, don't spend all your money getting materials. We still have a bunch of things to do. Also, remember to buy everything in a 2:1:1:1 ratio. Okay, you've got your materials. Next, go to your factory. You already have a manager, but you have no employees. Hire whoever you want; the more qualified they are, the faster the jobs will be completed, but the more they'll cost in wages. Because this is your first day, you'll want to hire Dropouts or Graduates at the most. I get two workers for every job I have going, but you may want more if you want faster production. You've now got your manpower, so it's time to start a job. In the factory, click Start New Job. You'll be prompted to select the speicies. Do so, then you'll be taken to the next screen that prompts you to select all the materials. After that, you're prompted to select the quantity. Once you finalize the job, production will start and will continue in real-time. Repeat as many times as you need to. Okay, now go to Your Store. Buy carpet and lightning and all that. Remember, don't spend more than what's necessary; as the help page says, you're not selling the store to your customers, you're selling the plushies. Of course, it still should be presentable, so at least get something on the ground besides concrete. Spend some cash on advertisements too, but remember that if you're selling cheap products, it's not really worth buying a million high-quality and high-priced fliers. Everything needs to be balanced. With all that done, you're at the mercy of time. Once your plushies are complete at the factory, they'll go to the warehouse, where you must ship them yourself. That frees up the workers for more jobs and sends your plushies to your store to be sold. After that, you can buy more materials for another job, or you can just wait to get some money for your products. Your customers are virtual; that is, it's not like other players are buying your plushies. So, you can relax and play other games or whatnot, just check into your store now and then to see what's going on. Remember to start small. Even McDonald's started as a little corner shop that seated only a few people. Just be patient, and be sure to balance the money you spend on making new plushies with the money you spend on upgrading your shop and advertisements. Add managers when your workforce gets large, and add employees when you start having a bunch of jobs. Monkey From Mental Hospital ( sends this tip... ################################################ In playing plushie tycoon, first'd better don't hire too many dropouts or graduates, you must remember to balance all the worker... don't forget to expand your warehouse if you too excited and can't wait it to be finished. For manager at least you must hire 1 every 13 workers that you hire. ################################################ ================================================ POCKET NEOPET PUZZLE Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This game tests your speed more than your mind. You're presented with a few 16-piece jigsaw puzzles, and you have to put them together with a time limit. Like all jigsaw puzzles, try to start with the edges and move to the center. This one is kinda tough because of the rather severe time limit, not to mention that the ratio is 1 NP:2 game points. There are better choices elsewhere. ================================================ POETRY COMPETITION Difficulty: Variable Reward: 1000 NP, a rare item, and a Trophy Limit: None Let your creativity flow! Write a 100% original poem of any style about some aspect of Neopets and e-mail it to The staff of Neopets will judge all the poems submitted and will post winners EVERY Tuesday and Friday evening. You are allowed to enter AS MANY POEMS AS YOU WANT. Again, any style is allowed. They don't even have to rhyme; the only two requirements are the subject must be something relating to Neopets, and it has to be in English. ================================================ POOGLE SOLITAIRE Difficulty: Hard initially, Baby once you know how Reward: 50 to 750 NP, items Limit: 1 play per day You must pay 15 NP to play the first time each day, though every play after that is free This game is rather famous. There's a cross patern with a series of pieces. Pieces can only move by jumping one another to an empty space. When a piece is jumped, it is eliminated from the field. The goal is to end up having only one piece in the exact center. There IS a definite solution to this puzzle. No, I will not tell you what it is. But, there may be one (or more) websites out there that give the definite solution. Anyway, though you only get one NP reward a day, you can keep playing after that to get other items like Poogle toys. However, if you try to play the game too much, your pet will get ticked off and demand to play something else. That is, you can only play this game so many times every few days. I don't have any exact numbers on that, though. ================================================ SEWAGE SURFER Difficulty: Medium/Hard Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This is a very fun and addictive little puzzler. There are two ends of pipes you must connect with other pipe pieces. The goal is to make one pipe snake from one open end to the other without the slime pouring out a hole. Look at the top to see what piece is coming next, then click the area of the sewer where you want to drop it. You can also click Discard Piece to toss the next one, but you have a limited number of times you can do it. You can restart levels if you mess up, but you'll lose 50 points each time. ================================================ SHAPESHIFTER Difficulty: Medium/Hard Reward: NP Limit: You can only get rewarded for puzzles you haven't yet completed ShapeShifter is a little like Lights Out. You have to make a certain shape of symbols, and by clicking one symbol, you turn the others near it to their opposites. The catch is that the shape is not definite. You have to think ahead to the next active shape (shown below the puzzle) and plan accordingly. Play a game or two and you'll get the hang of it. ================================================ SKARL'S SCRAMBLE Difficulty: Easy but damn right annoying Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day The first ever shockwave media game for Neopets. This game is basically an animated version of one of those 15 square slide puzzles. You slide them a piece at a time til they're back in normal order. This game is very annoying because the puzzle pieces are scrambled animations... Yes you heard right. The pieces will actually continue to MOVE while you're busy sliding them back into order, thus making it extremely confusing... There are 2 difficulty levels each with 3 puzzles. All the easy puzzles will earn you 75 NPs each. All the hard puzzles will earn you 150 NPs each. You also get a bonus for finishing within a time limit. ================================================ SPELL-OR-STARVE Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day A game similar to Boggle, you have to make words from the tiles you are given. Letters for your words have to be linked, and the longer your word, the better your score. There's a minimum score to pass each level, but if you get stuck, you can rotate the board to shift the letters' positions. ================================================ TECHO SAYS Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day There are six pets. On round one, one pet will pop up. Click it to pass the first round. Then, it will pop again, but a second will be added. Hit them in the same order. Then a third one will be added. Then a fourth. Then a fifth. Get the idea? The way I typically play this is to get a partner and have him or her write down the order like this... [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] My partner watches and just adds the number at the end of the list. Then, he or she will throw the numbers back at me when it's time. Of course, you'll need trust there, unless your friend doesn't mind getting the crap knocked out of them if they screw up. ================================================ THE CASTLE OF ELIV THADE Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This is a fun word game. In this game, you can move your little Usul named Gilly 1, 2, or 3 spaces. Once you do, you're presented with a 4-, 5-, or 6-letter puzzle depending on how many spaces you moved. You can ask for hints, but they're limited. Simply unscramble the word, and you'll be able to move on. If you fail, you'll lose a life. Lose too many times, and it's over. The ratio is even, so it's pretty profitable if you're good. ================================================ TOYBOX ESCAPE Difficulty: Hard Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day The point of this game is to help voice activated Neopet toys escape from Dr. Sloth's toybox. Each toy has a unique special ability, such as digging and climbing. You also need to avoid lava and spikes, and other objects while helping the other toys make it to the exit within the time limit. If you're a fan of strategy/puzzle games this is a must try. Special abilities: Kacheek can push certain blocks. Kougra can dig through certain blocks. Mynci can climb certain blocks. Scorchio can burn certain blocks. Shoyru can jump. Uni turns into a ramp for other Neopets. Gameplay tips: Each Level holds a special coin, try to get these coins before heading towards the exit, each coin is worth extra NPs. To activate the special ability click the Neopet buttons on the bottom of the screen. You can continue 3 times per game if you do die. If you're stuck in a certain spot, remember team work is the key. You receive a password every 5 levels, don't forget to jot this down so you can start at later levels instead of at the beginning. Other than that the game instructions speak for itself, and it's rather fun. I don't know if my password will work for anyone else though. Plus why cheat, it's really fun and you should have no problems doing it for yourself. I highly recommend this game to strategy lovers. ================================================ TREASURE MAPS Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP, items, and other stuff Limit: None There are five different maps, and each one has nine pieces. You can find these pieces in random events, games, or you can just buy them. The rewards aren't normally THAT huge, so don't buy more than one or two pieces of map at a time. If you get duplicates, either auction it, sell it, or just keep it for the next map. See, once you complete a map, you'll automatically get the treasure, but the map pieces will decay. So, if you want the treasure a second time, you'll have to get all the pieces again. ================================================ WORD POKER Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This is a flash game that uses a global dictionary. You'll have to wait for the whole dictionary to load after the game itself loads. Basically you'll be given a bunch of scrambled letters and you must arrange them into as many words that you can in a 60 second time limit. The words you make will be placed into 6 different categories. Normal Categories: 3 Letter Words: Words with 3 letters, duh. 4 Letter Words: Same as above just 4 letters. 5 Letter Words: I think you get the point, but 5 letters this time. Special Categories: Flush: Words starting with the same letter. Full House: Must make 15 words. Wild: Points for every word made. you get more for longer words. *Note* You gain 50 bonus points per 7 or 8 letter words you make. Game play tips: -Most words have a plurals (Example: Sin, Sins, Barn, Barns) -Choose the category with the most points at the end of the round. -Once a Category is chosen it cannot be chosen again til a new game so choose wisely. At the end of a round you'll be able to choose which category you want to keep and move onto the next round. After you choose the category by clicking the number on the right hand side of it, the others turn to 0 and the score is added to your total. The game ends after 6 rounds are up. Then you can send score of course. ================================================ +----------------+ |5b. Action Games| +----------------+ Here, your hand-eye coordination will be tested. Most of the games are fast and furious, requiring expert timing and speed to score well. There are currently 52 action games. ================================================ 200M PEANUT DASH Difficulty: Easy/Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This one sounded really stupid, but it was actually pretty fun! Okay, there are two stages to this game. The first involves you powering up your Elephante to sneeze out a peanut across a field. After the thing launches, the Puppyblew gives chase, with the sole intent of catching it before it hits the ground. The difficulty with the second part is that there are a million logs on the ground between the starting point and the wherever the peanut will land. To launch the peanut, just jam the left AND (not "or") right keys. That will charge the energy bar. Just hit the up arrow once the energy bar is as high as you want it to launch it. The higher the bar, the better. Once you get control of Puppyblew, things get complex. He'll run in the general direction on his own, so hitting left or right on the arrow keys will simply move him to one side of the screen or the other. You'll want to stay under the telltale shadow that marks the exact location of the peanut. When the logs come into play, you have a variety of jumps you can use to get over them, but by far the best is the simply Straight Jump, which you can pull off by hitting up then right. I have a tip for you here. You do NOT have to hit up and then immediately hit right. In fact, my strategy is simple: hit up, and then whenever you see a log, hit right. Your little guy will leap the log, keeping him on his feet and giving you a point bonus at the end. The other jumps in the game are needless and just waste your time. Eventually, the peanut will drop. Your little blue dude needs to be under it when it falls, but you don't need to hit any special button to make him catch it. You only get points if you do snatch it, so think Quiddich and grab it as if it was the golden snitch. By the way, the ratio is 2 points to a Neopoint, and you should be able to get the 300 NP standard without a problem. ================================================ ADVERT ATTACK Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This game is EXTREMELY clever, and my personal props go to whoever on the Neopets staff thought it up. In this game, you simply have to click the word "Go" as many times as you can. The target moves around, so you can't just sit there and tap your mouse button. After the first round, the CEO of the race will strike a deal with advertisers who will insist on popups. So, when you race the second time, you'll have to deal with the random intrusion of popup ads that will obscure the target area! That means you have to clear the popups first if they block your Go! target. To close most of the popups, of course, you need to click the X button in the top-right corner of the windows (don't mistakenly close the game!). Sometimes the button will be off screen, so you'll have to drag the popup into the screen by dragging the title bar... I think you know what I'm talking about. ================================================ AGENT CODY BANKS Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This one is pretty boring to me. You're agent Cody Banks, and you're snowboarding down a straight halfpipe trying to dodge stuff. You can catch air by launching off the sides of the pipe, and you can bust out tricks to get more points. The ratio is 1 NP to 2 game points, so you'll have to do some work to get a high amount of NP. ================================================ BUBBLE YUM Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day I don't know about you, but I've never been all that good at Bust a Groove, which is the popular game this one is a clone of. In this game, you have to tilt the duck head left and right, then hit space to spit out a fruit piece. If three fruit pieces or more of the same type line up next to each other, they all disappear. You can string together combos too, and that's the key to scoring high. ================================================ BETTER THAN YOU Difficulty: Pretty Hard Reward: 1000 to 20000 NP, a Trophy or Medal, and a rare item Limit: Winner limit (see below) Better Than You isn't exactly a game in and of itself. What happens is you're challenged to beat a certain score of a game. If you succeed, you get some NICE stuff. The first 5000 players to beat the challenge get rewarded. The first 10 people get 20000 (yes, twenty THOUSAND) Neopoints and a gold trophy. The next 40 players get 10000 NP and a silver trophy. The next 450 players get 3000 NP and a bronze trophy. The other 4500 players get 1000 NP and a medal. All 5000 players get the rare item. These challegnes are usually pretty dang tough. Because they challenge different games, you may have better or worse shots at getting prizes. ================================================ BUMPER CARS Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day Up to four humans can play, but you only get NP if you play solo against the computer. Drive your car and ram the enemy until they blow up. Survive as long as you can to get more points. Grab powerups to heal damage, increase engine power, or other nifty little effects. Oh, and driving over landmines is a bad idea. ================================================ CARNIVAL OF TERROR Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This is a shooting gallery of evil clown robots. If you run out of ammo or take too much damage, you die and it's game over. Every point nets you a Neopoint once the game is over. Shoot ammo crates and health to get the bonuses therein. ================================================ CHIA BOMBER Difficulty: Medium/Hard Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day You take the role of a Chia with a bazooka and a bunch of land mines. Run around and splat all the nasties running around the neighborhood. Time your shots so they strike the enemy; remember that the bullets don't fly across the screen instantly, they actually have to travel the distance. You have infinite ammo though, so feel free to fire continuously. ================================================ CHOMBY AND THE FUNGUS BALLS Difficulty: Insane Reward: NP, and possibly a Chomby Plushie item Limit: 3 plays per day I hate this game. It's a mix between a puzzle and an action game. As Chomby, you have to dodge the bouncing Fungus Balls. One contact with these toxic little buggers will make Chomby extinct. You have to run through the obstacles and avoid the damn things as well as you can, and with poor control, the game isn't really that popular. Skip it if you have any sort of choice. ================================================ DASH N DINE Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day There are plenty of games similar to this one (Bubble Bobble comes to mind), but it's still pretty fun in its own right. As a Scorchy, you run around collecting the 10 golden arches on every level. You can whack enemies with the space bar, but dodging is what you'll be doing most. My only real complaint about the game is the incredibly small sprites... it's really hard to see what's going on unless you expand the window as much as you can. The game pays 1 NP for every 2 game points. ================================================ DECKBALL Difficulty: Medium/Hard Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day Oh yeah, baby! This is without a doubt my favorite game on Neopets! It feels like one-on-one soccer on ice! I've written a VERY detailed strategy for this game in a separte document that SHOULD be available on the same website hosting my FAQ (if not, write to the webmaster and complain). There are three modes in the game: Timed, Survival, and First to Five. The first one tests you for five minutes, hopefully having you score more than the enemy. The second sees how long you can go without being scored on once. The third should be self-explainatory. You CAN play this against another human, but of course you won't be rewarded for it. ================================================ DEFENDERS OF NEOPIA Difficulty: Easy to Hard Reward: I have no idea Limit: None The Defenders of Neopia is a poor man's Justice League. You will get quests when the defenseless (i.e., wussie) citizens of Neopia get crap stolen from them and stuff like that. Basically, it all boils down to you getting one of your pets, finding the criminal, and laying the smackdown on his face in the single-player Battledome. You'll need extremely good stats to be able to totally dominate, so get to training your pets. If you need hints about what to do, talk to your supervisor (via the link of the same name). ================================================ DUBLOON DISASTER Difficulty: Hard Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day While sailing one day, our hero Krawk got blown up. He's now in his life raft, trying to get all his loot back. Unfortunately, for every coin he collects, another water mine appears and tries to splat him. This, my dear friends, is a problem. Using only the arrow keys, you need to steer Krawk around the mines and colled the dubloons. You earn two NP for every point scored in-game. A guildmate of mine, thewilf_17, submitted the following... ################################################ The best way to do this, it takes longer but is worth it, is to collect a couple of coins and then make them run into each other before going to get a couple more hence saving your skin cause at most you have 2/3 mines an the screen. The reason this works is that when a mine gets near to you it speeds up, well if you sit dead centre of two mines they speed up and come towards you, when they are about 1 cm away move away 'towing' them behind you, they will run into each other after a little while. Takes practice but i got it to work well now, scored 402 points doing it this way, which is 1000 np. ################################################ ================================================ ESCAPE FROM MERIDELL CASTLE Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day It's a shame that a game this fun is not more profitable. This game has the spirit of all the famous platformers like the Mario series, Adventure Island, and Sonic. As Valrigard the Draik, you need to escape from a prison to clear your name from a crime that you were framed for. All levels are vertical... there is NO horizontal scrolling at all. You can hit the space bar to swing a sword to attack, but you have to be sure to hit it a split second early; the animation for the sword swing delays the actual attack for an instant. Be careful when flying. The collision detection is pretty good, although it is a little strict. You need to make sure you have real good control over yourself when you're flying. ================================================ EVIL FUZZLES FROM BEYOND THE STARS Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This is an addictive little shooter. Every kill you get nets you a few virtual points, which let you buy weapon upgrades and such at the end of every level. Rotate with the B and N keys, and slap the space bar to fire a smart bomb if you have one. ================================================ EXTREME HERDER Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day With a title that contains two words I never would have thought went together, Extreme Herder is a rather lucrative game that tests your arrow key reflexes. Grab a petpet and chuck it into the central pen before you or it is eaten. Touch a snowflake to freeze Balthy for a moment, and grab an orange ball to get a burst of speed. You get FOUR NP for each scored point. Nice! ================================================ EXTREME POTATO COUNTER Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day The original Potato Counter was easy and not that profitable. Extreme Potato Counter is a bit harder and a bit more profitable, but I still don't recommend it. If you try it out though, you're in for a minor challenge. Make sure to count the potatoes only and avoid the other things that go flying by. ================================================ FAERIE CLOUD RACERS Difficulty: Insane Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This is a toughie. You and an opponent fly around making walls. If either of you hit any wall, be it your own wall, your opponent's wall, or the stage wall, you lose. The idea is to trap your enemy in a thin area between her own wall and yours, or something like that. ================================================ FEED FLORG Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This is a rather difficult game of keeping stupid little petpets balanced on a plate. The NP rewards isn't that high, so I wouldn't bother with this one. ================================================ FRIENDS FINDING PIGLET Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day You've seen this before as Santa Clause 2. It's a Wheel of Fortune knockoff that is only moderately entertaining but rather profitable. ================================================ GRAND THEFT UMMAGINE Difficulty: Medium/Hard Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day Almost more of a puzzle than an action game, GTU challenges you to avoid the guards and snatch the fruit to advance in the levels. The basic method is to figure out how you can trap the guard behind things (he's not smart enough to go AROUND anything), then break the opposite direction for the fruit. It's a pretty high-scoring game, with the payout being 2 NP to every game point. ================================================ GRUNDO'S SNOWTHROW Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day Using your team of green Grundos, chuck snowballs continually at the snowbeasts. Sometimes, a snowbeast may be down, but he may not be out. Try to position your Grundos out of the main action, then use one only to attack. Switch to another only if your alpha Grundo goes down. ================================================ ICE CREAM FACTORY Difficuly: Baby Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This game is very easy, and because of that, you need to play a LONG time to get a decent prize. I don't bother with it, to be honest, because it takes way too long to get my standard. There are better games out there. ================================================ IGLOO GARAGE SALE Difficulty: Easy/Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day Mika and Carassa the Chias have a little igloo at the top of Terror Mountain where they sell all kinds of stuff for low prices. They've expanded their little business to a playable action game to net you Neopoints! While Mika slides around on the ice at the bottom of the igloo, Carassa starts chucking things at your head. Use the left and right arrow keys to steer Mika to a dropped item to catch it before it hits the ground. Five drops means game over. By the way, you can use the up arrow key to jump, but I haven't found a use for it aside from screwing you up enough to start dropping things. This game pays well, but remember to get a good score, you need to watch the momentum that Mika gets while moving. ================================================ INSPECTOR GADGET 2 Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day In this game, you run around mazes collecting the gadgets from the old inspector. The gadgets are represented as icons of the logo of the movie. The guards who patrol the mazes are deadly, but stupid for the most part and easy to dodge. The ratio is 3:1, so you'll have quite a bit of cash from it. ================================================ INVASION OF MERIDELL Difficulty: Medium/Hard Reward: NP, and possibly a trophy or medal Limit: None This is a strategy war game with a bit of RPG mixed into it. You command a group of five troops, and you need to defend a series of six villages from enemies. If any enemy touches a village, then it is destroyed immediately. Four villages taken (or the loss of all your troops) means game over. There's so much to this game that I can't possibly describe every little facet, but I'll touch on the basics. Every unit has a movement limit, and you can take a total of five moves per turn. That means you could move one unit three spaces and another unit two, or you could move all five units one space each, or whatever combination you deem best. Attacking the enemy counts as a move, so you could have all your units attack on a turn, but then no one would move (which may be the best option). Enemies range in number. At the beginning, there are five, but that will increase as you get better. Combat is initiated when a unit tries to move into a square occupied by the enemy. If one side is defeated, it converts to the enemy's side (so there's a huge chance that the whoever makes the first kill will win because of the snowball effect). When a unit converts, it loses its current level. So, if one of your units gets converted, and then you convert it back, it will be back at its weakest state. Not good. There are items and health potions to get one every stage. There is also one special item on every set of missions, and if you can get one of your units to capture it, all units will receive a huge bonus for the rest of the set. VERY helpful for getting through it. If you do really well, you'll get a trophy or medal attached to your user name forever after. ================================================ JELLY PROCESSING PLANT Difficulty: Medium/Hard Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This is a little difficult. Using a Buzz, you have to pick up jelly and sort them into containers of the same color. If Ice Cream appears, you're supposed to let it go. The control scheme makes it just a tad harder than I think it needs to be. Still, you get two NP for each point scored, which isn't a bad deal. ================================================ JUICY FRUIT Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day What an absurdly easy game! You want NP? Play this one three times a day. Okay, the idea is that you have a plate of the new long-lasting Juicy Fruit, and there are these mouse-looking things called Moochers that are trying to steal them. Logically, you'd simply put the gum in your pocket and be done with it, but what fun would that be? Instead, you get this thing called a Moocher Smoocher, which is a gloved hand on a long pole used to smack the Moochers away from the table. Sound stupid? You bet! Okay, to whack a Moocher, you simply need to click on it. Wherever you click, the hand on the Moocher Smoocher comes down and slaps around either air or mouse brains, depending on whether you made contact. The hand gets caught up on the pop bottle, water glass, salt shaker, and Ixi doll on the table, so don't click that high. I find that it's best to click on the Moochers' faces. If you click their butts, there's a slight chance you'll miss entirely. That's not good, because this game is based on speed. If you have 100% accuracy, the points will come with it, so take the time to aim before firing. You can lead your shots if you desire, and once you get used to their speed, you'll be able to tear them up. I recommend playing this game on the lowest resolution. If you make it too big, your hand speed slows down, but the Moochers' speed will still be the same, putting you at a disadvantage. If you make it small, your hand is quick, but the Moochers' speed again will still be the same, giving you an edge. The game ends after five rounds or when all your gum is stolen (which shouldn't happen after your first attempt or two). Again, the ratio is even, giving you vast amounts of points in little time. It used to be that you got 15 game points (and therefore 15 Neopoints) for every Moocher you whacked. On 18 February 2003, they changed the game. Now, you get 3 points for Moochers in the first round, 6 points in the second, 9 in the third, 12 in the fourth, and 15 in the fifth. However, they increased the number of enemies that pop out, so the game is a LITTLE harder and rewards less... but it's still very common to get over 700 points in one go. ================================================ KORBAT'S LAB Difficulty: Easy/Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This game is better known as Araknoid, and has been around since the Atari. You control a paddle with which to smack around a little ball. The goal is to knock out all the boxes at the top, but you need to make sure you keep the ball on-screen. It bounces off everything but the bottom edge, so make sure you have sharp eyes to keep watch on its direction. It takes a long time to get a decent prize, so only come here if you have no other games to play. ================================================ MAGAX: DESTROYER Difficulty: Easy/Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day Ooo, this is a fun one! Using a little guy named MAGAX, you fly around a small area and shoot lasers at nasty ghosts. Momentum is a big factor here; once you choose a direction to move, you'll keep heading that direction, forever increasing speed. So, you'll have to tilt back and forth a lot to slow yourself down. ================================================ MEERCA CHASE Difficulty: Varies from Baby to FRIGGIN' INSANE Reward: NP, and possibly a Meerca plushie Limit: 3 plays per day Another fun one. You control a Meerca who zips around a small stage. Collect the Neggs of all colors but red for points; if you touch a red one or the stage wall, you die. The catch is that every time you score, your Meerca gets a tail. Biting your own tail also results in a loss. Sometimes, if luck is against you, a Negg may appear in an impossible position. Thems the breaks, but realize that it doesn't happen too often. To score really high here, I recommend a strategy: practice on Medium (don't send your score), then play seriously on Easy. Everything should seem really slow, and you should tear up the game. By the way, there are two stupid-hard modes of the game. To access the first one, just hit the Shift key. All three difficulties will be unlit. When you start the game, your Meerca goes super-fast, but that's not all. With every Negg capture, the left and right keys switch (so, you have to hit left to go right). To access the other stupid-hard mode, click the top-right corner of the title screen. The game will instantly commence with Meerca being on light speed. Luckily, your controls won't get reversed here. By the way, Gothann ( clarified this a bit... ################################################ I have noticed that in Meerca Chase, when you do the SHIFT code for the game, it can be combined with the top-right click secret. I have tested this about 5 times and I saw that it also works with all of the other modes. The SHIFT code is meant to be used with the selected speed option. ################################################ So if you can keep your head in the game when you have to deal with your lateral controls reversing, you can tack it onto any speed and get more points from that same speed. ================================================ MERIBALL Difficulty: Easy/Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day Ooo, this is a fun one! This is Extreme Squash. You take on one opponent at a time in a castle courtyard. You're both armed with sticks, but you're not supposed to whack each other, you're supposed to whack a ball. One player hits the ball, and after it bounces off the far wall, the other player needs to return it. If a player cannot return his opponent's shot, the other gets a point and the next serve. The first to 5 points wins the match. Sound simple? It would be, if there weren't powerups that do things like reverse the ball's angle, and moles that trip you up to prevent you from hitting the ball. Luckily, it works both ways, and one of your best strategies is to try to force the CPU to smack into a mole or bomb while he's trying to return one of your shots. You don't get a tremendous amount of NP from it, but you should be able to walk away with about 500 or so per day. ================================================ MUTANT GRAVEYARD OF DOOM Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day Here, you run around a maze trying to collect food. There will be enemies in your way that you need to avoid. If you are hit, you'll be invincible for a short time. It's pretty easy and fun, so give it a shot. ================================================ NEOPIAN ADVENTURE GENERATOR Difficulty: Variable Reward: None Limit: None You can make or read a Choose Your Own Adventure-type thing. There's no reward for doing them, so they're just for fun. ================================================ NIMMO'S POND Difficulty: Medium/Hard Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This is a spinoff of the old Atari/Arcade game Asteroids. The only difference being you have health points and you're a Nimmo on a lily pad. The point is you have to guide the Nimmo on his lily pad around the pond, spitting green glob at the other lily pads til they break apart and eventually vanish. You can also use your tongue to snatch and eat bugs and use bombs. This game is ok if you're a fan of the old asteroids, but nothing new and exciting. ================================================ OMELETTE DEFENDER Difficulty: Insane Reward: Frustration Limit: 3 plays per day This game sucks. First of all, it's extremely hard. Second of all, the code is a little fudged, and there are a lot of bugs. I'd avoid this one if I were you. ================================================ PETPET BATTLES Difficulty: Baby Reward: Petpet Level Gains Limit: None There's no real point to this one. You can send your Petpets into battles, but you can only attack the enemy's head or body, or defend yourself. A lot of luck is required, and the game's only reward is to give your Petpets higher levels. That in theory helps out your main pets in the Battledome, but it's not enough to make much of a difference. ================================================ PETPET RESCUE Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day Similar to Frogger, you have to dodge obstacles as you get from platform to platform. However, instead of merely trying to get to the other side, you need to grab Petpets and deliver them back to the entrance. Look out for pink gems, which you don't have to take back to the entrance, but will give you good points. The ratio is 3:1, and you can earn absurd amounts of points in a short time. ================================================ PTERATTACK Difficulty: Hard Reward: NP, and possibly a Pterri Plushie Limit: 3 plays per day Oh boy, this one ranks up there with my favorite Neopets games. You've seen games like this on console systems, including such classics as 1942 on the NES and Gradius in the arcade. Basically, you control a little green Pterri against a whole mess of enemies. To start, you only get a crappy little laser gun, but you can power it up or get other weapons to blast things better. The difficulty affects the speed of the game. A faster speed will be harder to deal with and gives you less time to get power-ups, but you'll gain lives faster, and the enemies will be worth more. There are four gun types, each given a colored circle you can collect. There's the flashing red, the solid red, the green, and the blue flavors. The first a bone thrower that sweeps across the field. The second is the standard forward-firing beam. The third, the green one, is a spread shot. The fourth is a beam that slightly spreads in front of you. By touching a power-up of a different color than your current weapon, you change weapons. For example, if you have the plain firing beam and you touch a green power-up, you switch to the first-level spread shot. Every weapon type has multiple levels. To upgrade a level, simply touch a power-up of the same color. For example, if you already have the first-level blue, touching another blue gives you the second-level weapon. Upgraded weapons increase power and range of attack. The best as far as effectiveness is argueably the blue one. At first, the blue path is EXTREMELY weak, but it ends up being the most powerful of all. The standard beam, the plain red one, can get extremely powerful, but you need to upgrade it many times to get the best power. My favorite is the flashing red one, the bone-sweeper, which only has three levels and has tremendous power at that third level. When you hear a growl, immediately fly up a bit, because a nasty Grarrl will appear at the bottom of the screen. He'll run up from 1/8 to 2/3 the length of the screen, so try to avoid him. Sometimes a giant Grarrl will appear too, who won't go up as high but covers far more ground than the standard ones. The difficulty has increased lately, because the bloody speed has gone through the roof, even on Easy. You'll need MAD skills to get that plushie now. ================================================ PYRAMIDS Difficulty: Easy/Medium Reward: NP, and possibly a Trophy Limit: 5000 NP per day You must pay 50 NP to play each time until you hit the limit Why the crap is this one listed under Action games? It's a form of solitaire, in which you need to remove all the cards from the pyramid. To do so, you must play a card that is upturned on the pyramid that is either one rank above or below the card that is at the top. For example, if the face-up card at the top is a Queen, you need to play a Jack or King. If you cannot make a play, click the facedown at the top. That will reveal a different card to try to make a play on. The game ends when you cannot make a legal move, and you have no cards left in the draw pile. ================================================ RINK RUNNER Difficulty: Easy/Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day As a Bruce, you jump around to catch the notes. The fewer the jumps you take to get the notes, the more points you get. Avoid jumping into the water, because doing so will kill your game. You get even points, so you probably won't see very high profits here. ================================================ SCOOBY-DOO: LEGEND OF THE VAMPIRE Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day In this game, you're presented with six letters and a time limit. You need to make as many words using those six letters as possible. ================================================ SPLAT-A-SLOTH Difficulty: Medium/Hard Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This game is completely based on your reaction speed. In fact, if you have really crappy reaction times like I do, don't even bother with it. After starting, at a random time a green sock will be launched out of a tube. The MOMENT YOU SEE IT, you need to slap your space bar. If you're quick enough, you'll smack the thing and score. If not, well, you can try again. ================================================ SUPERDUDES Difficulty: Easy Reward: 500 NP for signing up Limit: N/A This is an advertisement ploy, the game takes place on an outside site that is owned by Neopets. You register, you 'supernate' (create a hero) and you gain 500 NPs. When you click supernate, a flash screen loads. After the whole thing loads, you can choose to create your super hero using different parts and styles, to make one that suits what you like. I don't want to impose my views on a super hero on anyone but there are 5 steps to creating a hero. **Supernate/Character Generation** Step 1: Choosing a head A) Spare Heads: Preset Heads B) Heads: Your own face loaded on the hero (You gain 5000 knuggs for uploaded heads) Step 2: Choosing a Body Real People: Firemen, Crossing guards, Martial Artists, etc. Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Wizards, Sorcerors, Uniformed Heros, Princesses, etc. Illustrated: Cowboys, Genies, Vixens, etc. Action Sports: Snow boarders, Basket ball and Baseball players, etc. Animals: Rabbits, Flying pigs, Bees, Frogs, Flowers, etc. Step 3: Choosing a Background Urban: National Monuments, Streets, Buildings, etc. Action Sports: Colosseum, Hockey Rink, Baseball field,etc. Nature: Sunsets, Forests, Clouded skies, etc. Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Space and stars, Planets, 'Warp Drive' patterns, etc. Patterns: Random Shapes and images. Step 4: Choosing a card frame. *Note* These are just border frames to surround your hero card, they're all seperated into different groups that explain themselves. I can't really put words to them so you'll have to check them out. Designs Action Sports Nature Sci-Fi/Fantasy Urban Step 5: Name/Profile This is totally optional aside from a few key points, but it earns you knuggs for completing it. Name: This area is required you can keep your user name as your hero name or change it to something else. You can also choose from a bunch of font styles for the name tag. Katra: This area is also required it is like an astrology star sign. You can choose from Mind, Spirit, Body, Soul, and Unknown. Motto: Word of wisdom and mottos are your own little sayings. Super Powers: These 3 fields are for character origins, powers, and transportation means Nemesis: Your enemy and weaknesses. Step 6: FX/Props(Optional) Incognito: Wigs, hats, glasses. Action Sports: balls, boards, helmets. Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Staff, ring, butterfly, etc. Effects: Elemental effects like lightning bolts and flames. Props: Paint brush, money bag, guitar, etc. After your character Generation you'll notice your knuggs which are your points, your karma level and your overall ranking. You can also go to mission control to start your missions. I haven't extensively played this yet but hope this helps. ================================================ SWARM Difficulty: Medium/Hard Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day. Space Invaders. 'Nuff said. ================================================ THE CORE Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day I'm going to plagiarize myself and copy my review for Jungle Book 2 here... This game is also known as Lights Out. You are presented with a grid, the size of which is dependant on the difficulty you choose at the start. All squares have two settings: vines and no vines. If you click any square, it changes the setting of that square and the four surrounding it (not the diagonals). When all squares are surrounded by vines, you win. The fewer the moves you take to solve the puzzle, the more NP you get. ...Okay, substitute "vines and no vines" for "bright and dark." The problem is that you only earn half your score in Neopoints. The ratio is no longer 1:1, it's 1:2. ================================================ TUG-O-WAR Difficulty: Medium/Hard Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day By hitting a certain series of keys quickly, you pull your opponent to the mud. He's working against you at the same time though, so be fast and accurate to score high and net NP. ================================================ ULTIMATE BULLSEYE Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day They've changed the way Bullseye works, which blows, because it's a bit harder now. Then again, they've removed the time limit, which is certainly good. Use your catapult to fire arrows at the target. Unlike the instructions say, you need hold down your space bar to start the power meter, then release it to set the power and fire. Use the arrow keys to set the angle before hand, of course. This game requires a LOT of practice. Your first few games will probably be scoreless until you figure out just what the power and angle will do (and trust me, one little change in either will make a vast difference). ================================================ USUKI FRENZY Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This is a remake of an old game that was an advertisement. Count your lucky stars that the remake is here, because the original featured a girl who said "Coolerific!" everytime you did anything. I hated that girl. Okay, using Sally the Usuki, you need to go through her five-room house and collect the packs of toys that appear at the bottom of the screen. If you get a wrong one, then you have to put it on the shelf. If you get a right one, it's checked off the list. The goal is to get all 10 packs in the list. The reward has been dumbed down from the original, which is a pity, because the challenge is a little higher this time. Your success depends on the placement of the items and how sharp your eyes are so you don't accidentally grab a wrong item. ================================================ VOLCANO RUN Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day I like this one. At first, the control scheme seems a little weird, but it actually works well. Picture Gradius without the ability to shoot. Pressing and holding the left mouse button makes you ascend, and releasing makes you descend. Smashing the space bar more slows your progress so you can avoid the obstacles better. You need fast reflexes to successfully traverse the mazes. ================================================ WHACK-A-STAFF-MEMBER Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This game is very easy to get the hang of. Move the mouse to move the mallet, then hit the space bar (WHY NOT THE LEFT MOUSE BUTTON???) to swing. The goal is to smack around the people and to avoid hitting the Neopets. The score ratio is 1:2, so it's not extremely profitable, but it's pretty addictive and fun. By the way, maybe I'm the only one who's going to say this, but I love that peppy opening music. ================================================ ZURROBALL Difficulty: Hard Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day Eh... no. This game is too hard and doesn't give the cash for the effort. What you do is click the balls as they fall (the ball you choose DOES make a difference as far as physics go). Clicking on one side of the ball or the other will make it spin and go that way. You try to keep the ball in the air and make it spin, bank off the sides, and pass the red line at the top to score. Blah blah blah. ================================================ +---------------------+ |5c. Luck/Chance Games| +---------------------+ If you think luck is a lady tonight, then try your hand at these games. There are currently 33 luck/chance games. ================================================ CHEESEROLLER Difficulty: Stupid Reward: NP, and possibly cheese Limit: 3 plays per day You must pay to play To play this game, you first have to enter the name of a cheese. Now, I'll be damned if I know how to find the names, but I know thanks to blackknightcaptain that at least Dung Cheese and Spicy Juppie Cheese both work. Once you enter a name, you have to buy the cheese, then you get to push it down a hill. Luck is totally against (or for) you in this game. Select any action from the drop-down box and pray you get the thing down the hill in under 60 seconds. If you do, you get the cheese. Whether you do or don't, you get NP based on how long it took you. ================================================ DICE-A-ROO Difficulty: Baby Reward: Everything under the sun Limit: None You must pay 5 NP to play One of my friends, Angela C. (better known online as Angelaisms) loves this game; I think it's her favorite. This game can reward you with ANYTHING. You can get food, NP, rare items, weapons, armor, and other things. You just need to roll them bones and hope for the best. ================================================ DOUBLE OR NOTHING Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP Limit: None You must pay 10 NP to play This game is pretty easy to understand, but you're at the mercy of luck to get anything good. You pay the guy 10 NP, and he flips a coin. If it's heads, you double your money. If it's tails, you lose it. You can keep going as many times as you want on one pot. ================================================ FOOD CLUB Difficulty: Medium/Hard Reward: NP Limit: None You must pay to play In this game, you bet a certain amount of NP for every match. A bunch of pirates will eat food, and whoever eats the most of the items wins. There are statistics there that let you study things like weight and allergies, and that should help you determine who to bet on. ================================================ FRUIT MACHINE Difficulty: Baby Reward: Stuff Limit: 1 play per day This is a free game, but you can only play once per day. Simply give the wheel a spin and hope for the best. You can get some nice prizes here. ================================================ GO! GO! GO! Difficulty: Hard Reward: NP Limit: None You must pay 50 NP for each game This is a card game played against a few computer opponents. Read the Rules section on the site, it's a bit complex to go into here, and I'm not sure I'd do a better job anyway in this case. ================================================ GORMBALL Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP, and possibly items (including rares) Limit: None You must pay 10 NP per game This is like Hot Potato. You hold this ball that can randomly explode on anyone, and you have to pass it on to avoid getting splatted. You can hold it for a long time if you want to take a gamble, but be careful. The longer you survive and the more times you successfully pass it without getting smacked, the more stuff you win. ================================================ GRARRL KENO Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP Limit: None You must pay to play You select a few numbers, place a bet, and at least a certain amount (normally half) have to match to get a win. If you don't have a "system," then just hit the Quick Pick button to let the game randomly choose numbers for you. ================================================ GUESS THE CARD Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP, common items, and stat gains Limit: Check below You must pay 10 NP for each guess All you have to do is pick one of six cards. If the card matches your pet's, you get 50 NP and possibly some other stuff, including boosts to that pet's intelligence. If you play too much, your pet may demand that you play something else, just like Poogle Solitaire. ================================================ GUESS THE WEIGHT OF THE MARROW Difficulty: Easy Reward: Stuff Limit: 1 play per day All you do is guess how much the marrow weighs. This is a daily game, and once the competition has been won, it's closed for the rest of that day. Guess the right weight and win stuff. Simple, no? ================================================ ILLUSEN'S GLADE Difficulty: Depends on your money Reward: Stuff Limit: None Like the Dark Faerie's Quest, Illusen the Earth Faerie (and a freakin' hottie, I might add) sends you on a trip to get a certain item that she wants. All the quests are under a time limit, and if you fail, you're thrown back to the first quest. Just succeed to advance to the next one. Most items she wants can be found through the Shop Wizard. ================================================ JUBJUB BLACKJACK Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP Limit: None You must pay to play I'm going to approach this game a little differently than I have the others. See, a long time ago, I wrote an FAQ for Golden Nugget 64. In that, I listed how to play blackjack, and a strategy to beat it. I'm going to take JubJub Blackjack as a serious blackjack casino game (please stop laughing at me) and just copy all that information here and alter it how it needs to be. No, I make no apology for plagerizing myself. GOAL: To get the total point value of your cards at 21 or as close as possible without going over. SCORING: Every numbered card gives you as many points as its number indicated. A 2-card is worth 2 points, a 3-card is worth 3 points, etc. All face cards are worth 10 points regardless of rank. Aces are worth 1 or 11 points, whichever is more beneficial to you. TERMS Hit: Elect to draw a card. Stick: Elect not to draw a card. Bust: When either the dealer or a player goes over 21 points. Black jack: When your first two cards are an ace and a 10-value card. Soft #: Where # is points, it's when your hand has an ace as an 11. Hard #: When any aces you have are acting as a one. YOU WIN WHEN... -Your total points are greater than the dealer's and you don't bust. -The dealer busts and you do not. -You have a black jack and the dealer does not. In situations one and two, you gain 1x your bet. In situation three, you gain 1.5x your bet. YOU LOSE WHEN... -You bust (regardless of whether the dealer does also). -The dealer's points are greater than yours and he doesn't bust. -The dealer gets a black jack and you do not. In all situations, you lose your entire bet. YOU DRAW WHEN... -Both you and the dealer tie in points without busting. -Both you and the dealer have black jacks. In both situations, no money changes. GAME FLOW 1) You bet an amount before seeing any cards. 2) You are dealt two cards face-up. The dealer is dealt one card face-up and one card face-down. 3) If the dealer has a black jack, your bet is resolved. 4) If the dealer does not have a black jack, you become active. 5) If you have a black jack, your bet is resolved. If not, you can Hit as many times as you desire. 6) When you Stick, Bust, or have 21 in any form, the dealer becomes active. 7) After the dealer Sticks or Busts, your bet is resolved. SPECIAL RULES Double Down: After you are dealt his first two cards, you can opt to double your bet. Doing so will let you draw ONE MORE CARD (no more, no less), which will be face-down until the end. As soon as you double and get your card, the dealer becomes active. Since black jack is played with one deck, there are 52 cards. Of those, 16 are cards with a value of 10 points. That means there's a 30.7% chance that any given card is a 10-point card. That's far more than any other value in the deck. This is important because the dealer has one glaring advantage against you: he has a down-card. You can't see it until you are finished with your turn. Therefore, you have to make an educated guess as to what the card is in order to know whether to hit or stand. The general strategy is that you always assume the dealer's down-card has a value of 10, and to assume that any card that's drawn is a 10. Use this knowledge to influence whether you'll Hit or Stand. *Example: If the dealer has an 8 up-card, assume his total is 18. He'll stand on that, so you need to get 18 at least to push. Remember this for a moment. There's a certain degree of risk whenever you hit on anything with more than 11. You can trim this risk down, however, by knowing just what you need. In the above example, you need 18 or better. Even if you have 16 at this point, I suggest hitting. After all, if you stand, the dealer probably has 18 so you'd lose anyway. Take a deep breath and go for it. The risk gets a bit too high when you've got a hard 17. I recommend always standing at a hard 17 or higher. After all, there's a CHANCE he won't have a 10-card. On a soft 17 or less, though, the risk is not so great that you can't take chance. Remember, the goal of the game is to increase your winnings in the long run, not win 100% of the time. You WILL lose once in awhile, and you may even be streaky. Stick with it though, it will pay off. Keep in your mind the fact that the dealer has to hit on 16 or less. If his up-card is a 6, you can assume he has a 16. That means he'll have to draw a 5 or less to avoid busting, and the odds are against him. As such, you might as well stand on whatever you've got. Why risk yourself when the dealer has a very good chance of busting? DOUBLING DOWN I really don't recommend that you double down on anything except for 9, 10, or 11. I'll explain why in a moment, so let's concentrate on those three numbers. Let's go backwards a moment from how I normally do things and start with the highest number, 11. This one is easy to explain: if your first two cards total 11, double down. It doesn't matter what the dealer's up-card is or anything. Always double down on 11. Again, since you have more than a 30% chance of getting a 10-card, the odds are for you of getting 21. Even if you don't get a 10-card, you still have an additional 30% chance of getting a 6, 7, 8, or 9. You're looking at more than a 60% chance of getting 17 or better. Those are TREMENDOUS odds in your favor, so take advantage of them if you've got an 11. To know what to do if your first two cards total 10, think about what I said in the preceding paragraph. You'll have a 60% of getting a 6-10. That places your total somewhere between 16 and 20 with odds going to 20. You should definitely double if the dealer's up-card is 9 or less since that will place his total at 19 or less, in which case you'll win with the 20. At 9, you've probably got the drill down. Your total will probably be 15 to 19, so double if his up-card is 8 or less since you'll beat him with your 19. Here's a simple chart for you. If there's a Y, then double down. If there's an N, then don't. Dealer's Your Total Up-card 9 10 11 ----------------------------- >9 Y Y Y 9 N Y Y 10 N N Y A N N Y The reason that doubling on anything besides 9, 10, or 11 is because you either run a risk of getting too few points or busting. If you have a total of 8 and double, your best is an ace for 19, though you'll probably see more 18s. 18 is still not bad, but you're NEEDING a 10-card. 30% is still nice, but the odds are more in your favor if you hit and go from there. Working from the other end, that is having a total above 11, is suicidal. Again, you have a 30% chance of getting a 10 card, which will instantly bust you (and you'll lose twice the money you intended). It's not worth the risk; just hit or stand depending on your total. Now, if you insist on doubling with less than 9 or more than 11, at least keep common black jack sense in mind: -Remember, the dealer has to hit on 16. If his up-card is a 6, doubling when under 9 is a bit safe. He'll probably have 16 and bust on the draw. -Don't double if the dealer's up-card is more than your total by itself. You have almost no chance of winning then. ================================================ KACHEEK SEEK Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP Limit: None Click a location, then click an area of that location. If you find your pet, you get stuff. Yay. Rewards are light, but so is the difficulty. Not too bad if you're only here casually. ================================================ KISS THE MORTHOG Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP Limit: None You must pay 50 NP to play This is more or less a game of Flip The Coin. Choose a frog, and if you're right, then you get NP. You can then collect that money, or try to pick again to get even more. You can stop anytime to collect, and if you get it wrong just once, you lose all your current winnings. ================================================ KRAWPS Difficulty: Medium/Hard Reward: NP Limit: None You must pay to play I love craps. Just like blackjack, I wrote about craps in my Golden Nugget FAQ. I'll copy and paste that info again, making corrections as necessary, as they have severely fudged the rules from real craps. GOAL: To guess exactly how a pair of dice will turn out. TERMS Shooter: Whoever's rolling the dice. Craps: A roll totaling 2, 3, or 12. YOU WIN WHEN... -The dice match something you bet on. Your winnings will depend on what exactly won. GAME FLOW OF CRAPS Okay, bear with me on this one. Craps is a bit difficult to explain, but I'll try my best. First of all, the game is played with two dice. Most bets revolve around the number 7. The reason is because, mathematically, it's the number that has the best chance of showing up (1/6). Okay, at this moment, I need to explain what a "skull" and "come-out roll" are. Let's say we've got a clean table: no chips have been placed and no dice have been rolled. The first roll is called the come-out roll. The come-out roll will do one of two things: 1) establish the skull, or 2) not establish the skull. If the roll is a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, that number is the skull. If the roll is anything else, all bets are resolved and another come-out roll must be made by the shooter. Once a skull is established, the dice are rolled again and again until the skull is repeated or a 7 is rolled, whichever comes first. When that happens, all bets are resolved. The basic bet is the Bilge Line. If you bet here, you are saying that either 1) The come-out roll will be a 7 or 11; or 2) The come-out roll will establish a skull, which will be rolled *again* before a 7. If the come-out roll is a 2, 3, or 12, you lose. If the skull is repeated before a 7, then any money on the Bilge Line wins. After that, the shooter starts again by making a come-out roll. On the other hand, if a 7 is rolled before the skull, any money on the Bilge Line loses. Also, the table is cleared and the shooter begins anew with a come-out roll. Most of the rest of the betting areas on a Krawps table are "anytime" bets. You can make those whether or not a skull is established. I'll run through them now, and their odds: Anchor: The next roll is a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. 2 and 12 win 2x, and everything else wins 1x. Hard 4: The next roll is a pair of 2s. (7x) Hard 6: The next roll is a pair of 3s. (9x) Hard 8: The next roll is a pair of 4s. (9x) Hard 10: The next roll is a pair of 5s. (7x) Hi: The next roll is a pair of 6s (29x) Lo: The next roll is a pair of 1s (29x) Odds: You can make this bet if you have money on the Bilge Line and a skull has been established. Basically, you just add money to the bet you've already made. Buy Bets: Once a skull is established, you can lay money down on the strips above the numbers aside from whatever the skull is (ex: if the skull is 4, you can perform a buy bet on 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10). Buy Bets work the same way as Bilge Line bets, in theory: you're hoping that the number is repeated before a 7. Betting on 4 or 10 gives you 9:5 odds; betting on 5 or 9 gives you 7:5 odds; and betting on 6 or 8 gives you 6:5 odds. ODDS Craps is all about mathematics and probability. This game may be chance, but if you know what your chances are at any given moment, you can tip the scales in your favor. This is my favorite game since so much more is riding on probabilities than pure luck. There are 36 possible outcomes if you roll two dice. Here are the odds for each roll, and the possible ways to make them: ## Possible Outcomes # of outcomes/36 % chance ----------------------------------------------------- 2 1 1 1 2.7 3 1 2 2 1 2 5.5 4 1 3 2 2 3 1 3 8.3 5 1 4 2 3 3 2 4 1 4 11.1 6 1 5 2 4 3 3 4 2 5 1 5 13.8 7 1 6 2 5 3 4 4 3 5 2 6 1 6 16.6 8 2 6 3 5 4 4 5 3 6 2 5 13.8 9 3 6 4 5 5 4 6 3 4 11.1 10 4 6 5 5 6 4 3 8.3 11 5 6 6 5 2 5.5 12 6 6 1 2.7 I'll be referring to the chart several times. BTW, notice that you stand the best chance of rolling a 7 than anything else. That's why the whole game revolves around that number. Okay, there one basic strategy I use. The final goal of this is to get three numbers working for you: the skull and two buy bets. Open by placing bets on the Bilge Line until a skull is established. That's where things get interesting. Once a skull is established, buy two other numbers so you have a total of three numbers working for you. Once you've got those three numbers, stop betting. If one of them wins, replace it. *Example: You have money on the Bilge Line. The skull is 5. Buy a 4 and 10. The next roll is an 8. That does nothing, so don't worry about it. The next roll is a 4. Your first buy bet wins, so take the money and put another bet on another buy, even if it's the same one. Eventually, you WILL lose. However, since you have three numbers going for you at all times, you should see a decent profit before losing. The reason that you should not bet on more than three numbers is because a simple roll of 7 can kill anything you already bet on. If you have $600 between the Bilge Line and the other five Buy Bets, then get a 7, you'll lose all that cash. It's best to play a bit conservatively. Now I'll show you your odds of winning something. Let's take our above example: You have bets on 4, 6, and 10. Add up the number of possible outcomes from the chart above, and you find out that you can get one of those numbers 11 ways out of 36. That's a 30.5% chance you'll win something at all. The only way you can lose is to roll a 7, which is only 6 out of those 36 outcomes (16.6%). The other 19 outcomes won't do anything, so there's a 52.7% chance that nothing will happen. However, if you add that up, you'll find that you'll be safe with 30 of the outcomes (anything besides a 7), so you at least won't lose money 83.3% of the time. Anchor bets and 'Ardway bets are stupid and not very reliable. If you want to take a shot, go for it, but I prefer not to even bother with them. ================================================ LENNY CONUNDRUM Difficulty: Variable Reward: NP, a rare item, and a Trophy Limit: None In theory, they put a different riddle every week. However, it's not nearly that often. Bah. These are all brainteasers, normally challenging your math skill above everything else. ================================================ MYSTERY PIC Difficulty: Variable Reward: NP, up to two rare items Limit: None The staff of Neopets update this game with far more dependability than Lenny Conundrum. They upload a picture that appears on the site, but zoom in on one little part of it. If you're one of the first 10 people to correctly guess what the picture is, you win 5000 NP and two rare items. If you're one of the next 490 people to get it right, you'll get 500 NP and one rare item. ================================================ NEOPOKER Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: None You must pay 3 NP to play Poker is one of my favorite casino games, but Neopets fudges the rules so much it's almost not even fun. Okay, this is basically 5-card stud. That is, you and your pet are dealt 5 cards each, and that's it, you don't get to draw any. If you have a better-RANKING hand than your pet, you win an amount depending on the strength of the hand. For example, if you win with a pair, you get a measly 5 NP. If you have a Royal Flush, you get 10000 NP. Then again, the chance you'll get a royal flush is 0.0323%. That's... um, really low. Also, the actual value of the cards have suddenly become irrelavant: a pair of aces is no better than a pair of 2s. That hurts me just thinking about it. Well, here are the rankings from worst to best, copied yet again from my Golden Nugget 64 FAQ (sheesh, I didn't realize how useful it would be)... No Pair (or High Card): This is when you don't have a pair of anything and the suits are different. The absolute worst hand in poker is a 7-high, which is a 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 of different suits. One Pair: Two cards of equal rank. Two Pair: Two ranks of two cards each. Three of a Kind: Three cards of equal rank. Straight: Five cards of sequential rank. Please note that in Straights, aces can act high or low. Therefore the worst is A, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of different suits; the best is 10, J, Q, K, and A of different suits. Flush: Five cards of the same suit. Full House: A pair of one rank and three of a kind of another. Four of a Kind: Four cards of equal rank. Straight Flush: Five cards of sequential rank and the same suit. The worst is A, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the same suit. The best possible hand in standard poker is 10, J, Q, K, and A of the same suit (also called a Royal Flush). ================================================ PICK YOUR OWN Difficulty: None Reward: Berries Limit: 1 play per day You must pay 200 NP to play If you want to (or need to) forage for food, you can pay 200 NP to search a farm up to 20 times for berries. You can only have 6 berries, but you can trash any that you don't think you'll want (Half-Eaten Berries? Blech.). After 20 searches, any berries you have are added to your inventory. Of course, you can also quit anytime you wish. ================================================ POOGLE RACING Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP Limit: None You must pay to play Every 15 minutes, another Poogle Race commences. You simply select one of five poogles, and you plop down up to 200 NP for him to win. You can also feed him food which improves his speed and chance of winning. Make sure you're back at that page within five minutes of the race starting, or your bet will be terminated. ================================================ POTATO COUNTER Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day Holy crap, can it get easier? Once you start playing, an invisible timer starts counting up. The faster you count all the potatoes, the more NP you win. ================================================ ROUND TABLE POKER Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP, and possibly a medal or trophy Limit: None This is perhaps the only casino game in Neopets that actually manages to come close to its real-life counterpart. Once again plagerizing myself, I'm going to copy the Five-Card Draw section from my non-award-winning Golden Nugget 64 guide. I'm so glad I wrote that years ago. FIVE-CARD DRAW GOAL To get a higher hand than any of your opponents. COMPETITION You compete against four CPU players. SCORING Everything is based on the standard hands of poker, listed at the bottom of this game. YOU WIN WHEN -Your hand is better than anyone else's. -Everybody else folds. In either case, you get all the money in the pot. YOU LOSE WHEN -Your hand is not the best. -You fold. In either case, you lose any money you put into the pot. GAME FLOW 1) One player is assigned as the dealer. 2) 5 cards are dealt face-down to each player. 3) A betting round commences. 4) Each player in turn can elect to discard up to three cards. Any he chooses to drop are immediately given up and replaced. 6) Another betting round commences, starting with the same person again. 7) All remaining hands and bets are resolved. You are never actually *required* to drop any cards. Keep this in mind when the draw round commences. If an opponents stands on his hand, he must have a hand that uses all five cards. The weakest hand he could possibly have in that case is a straight, which means you'll need a stronger straight or better to beat him. If you don't have it, well, there's no shame in folding. If your opponent conversely draws four, that means his remaining card is an ace. It's hard to get a workable hand out of four cards, even if you have an ace also. He's probably weak, so attack him. If your opponent takes only a single card, he may already have two pair, and he's going for a full house. That may sound bad, but think about this: if he takes one, he may also be going for a STRAIGHT, and he may not get it. Ex: If he has a 4, 5, 6, 7, and K, he'd drop the king for a 3 or 8. If he DOESN'T get that 3 or 8, he's left with a pair of 7s at best and a 7-high at worse. Watch how he bets at this point. If he bets and raises, he's probably got his straight or full house, both of which are difficult to beat. If he checks, he probably didn't get what he wanted, so he's weak. If he's strong and you think he's stronger than you, fold. If he's weak, raise or call. The computer does bluff, though. They may bet low with a strong hand or bet high with a weak hand. The key is to look at the little pictures of your opponents' faces during the draw round. If they look sad, they probably did not get the hand they were looking for. If they look happy, they've got something at least, although you don't know what exactly they've got. If your opponent draws only two cards, he's may have three of a kind. Watch out for this one. If he bets and raises, he's got something good, and you may want to fold. If he checks, go ahead and stay in unless you've got guys raising all over the place. If your opponent draws three cards, he may have a pair. However, it's more probable that he doesn't have ANYTHING, and he's simply getting rid of as many as he can. It's obvious that he doesn't have an ace at this point, and it's hard to get a good hand out of three cards. He's probably weak, so stay in and finish him off. Even though I've already mentioned it a couple games above, here's the standard hands of poker, and the strongest and weakest examples of each. No Pair (or High Card): This is when you don't have a pair of anything and the suits are different. The absolute worst hand in poker is a 7-high, which is a 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 of different suits. One Pair: Two cards of equal rank. The best is two Aces, the worst is two 2s. Two Pair: Two ranks of two cards each. The best is two Aces and two Kings, the worst is two 3s and two 2s. Three of a Kind: Three cards of equal rank. The best is three Aces, the worst is three 2s. Straight: Five cards of sequential rank. Please note that in Straights, aces can act high or low. Therefore the worst is A, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of different suits; the best is 10, J, Q, K, and A of different suits. Flush: Five cards of the same suit. The best flush that is not a straight flush is A, K, Q, J, 9 of the same suit. The worst is 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7. All suits are equal in strength. Full House: A pair of one rank and three of a kind of another. The best is three Aces and two Kings. The worst is three 2s and two 3s. Four of a Kind: Four cards of equal rank. The best is obviously four Aces, and the worst (if you can call it bad at all) is four 2s. Straight Flush: Five cards of sequential rank and the same suit. The worst is A, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the same suit. The best possible hand in standard poker is 10, J, Q, K, and A of the same suit (also called a Royal Flush). ================================================ SAKHMET SOLITAIRE Difficulty: Easy/Medium Reward: NP Limit: 5000 NP You must pay 50 NP per play before reaching the limit This game is better known as Klondike Solitaire, which is the one you've played before if you've ever played it on the computer. Has anyone actually NOT played this game before? Anyway, your only option is to select your Cards Per Draw, which also affects how many deals you get. If you select one card per draw, you only get one deal. If you select three cards per draw, you get two re-deals, for a total of three deals. ================================================ SCARAB 21 Difficulty: Easy/Medium Reward: NP Limit: 5000 NP You must pay 50 NP per play before reaching the limit I like this solitaire. Basically, you have a deck, and you try to line cards up in five columns to make 21. If you play blackjack a lot, you'll get the feel for this one fairly shortly. ================================================ SCORCHY SLOTS Difficutly: Easy Reward: NP, or a map piece, or a bottled faerie Limit: None You must pay 5 NP per play They put just enough in the slot machine to make this game really fun. I've had great success here, and I'm sure you will to. Although, you'll have to spend a lot to see really good profits, so don't play if you're broke. ================================================ SCRATCHCARD KIOSK Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP Limit: None You must pay 600 NP per play This is a shortcut to the Scratchcard Kiosk in the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain. It is like the state lottery that is all over the US, where you buy a ticket and scratch off the squares, hoping for a big prize. Prizes are as large as 25K or more, but you'll need lady luck on your side to get your cash. ================================================ SNOW WARS Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: None This is basically Battleship on snow. You each have a bunch of stuff, and you alternately select a grid space. The goal is to cover all of your opponent's stuff with snow, and pray he doesn't get all of yours. ================================================ STORYTELLING Difficulty: Medium/Hard Reward: 2000 NP and a rare item Limit: None Not only is there a poetry contest, but a story contest as well. The staff of Neopets will put the first part of a story. Then, everyone submits another part, and they choose the best one. The winner gets 2000 NP and a rare item. Then, the story continues from THAT part, and on and on until the story is finished, at which time a new story will get started. ================================================ THE NEOPIAN LOTTERY Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP Limit: None You must pay 100 NP per ticket Every day, 6 numbers from 1 to 30 will be chosen. The winner(s) will be the person(s) who match the most numbers. There are ties all the time. Usually, you have to match 4 of the 6 numbers to win. Some people have matched 5, and some extremely lucky people have matched all 6. All of the money that was collected from tickets plus an additonal 5000 NP goes to winners. So, the more people who play, the more the prize is, but the more winners there are, the smaller the share. So, if the prize is a million NP, and only one person wins, then he gets all million NP. But if the prize is a million NP, and there are a thousand winners, each one only gets a thousand NP (1 mil divided by 1000 = 1000). If you don't want to pick numbers, you can have the thing randomly choose them for you. By the way, there are 427,518,000 possibilities. So, the chance of you matching all 6 is 0.000000234%. Just thought you'd like to know. ================================================ TOWER OF TURNIPS Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP Limit: None You must pay 100 NP per play. After paying the 100 NP fee, you're prompted to start stacking turnips. The higher your stack, the more NP you win. However, your winnings will divide by the number of turnips on the bottom row, because obviously the more on the bottom row, the more stable the whole tower is. You're playing against luck, because with every single turnip you put down, you're risking toppling the whole things over, at which point you won't win a darn thing. This game is a little boring to me and not worth the time, but I suppose it can be a change of pace if you've spent a hard day in the action games category. ================================================ TYRANU EVAVU Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP Limit: None You must pay 10 NP per play You will be shown one face-up card and one face-down card. You have to guess whether the face-down card is higher or lower than the face-up card. Simply click Tyranu if you think it's higher, or Evavu if it's lower. Sometimes, the buttons will switch locations on you. Blech. Aces are high. The more you get right, the more you win. If you can get through the whole deck, you'll win 6000 NP. ================================================ VENDING MACHINE Difficulty: Baby Reward: Food Limit: None You must pay a Nerkmid to play This really isn't a game so much as it's a... well, a vending machine. By paying a Nerkmid and pushing buttons on the thing, you get food. Woo hoo. ================================================ WHEEL OF EXCITEMENT Difficulty: Baby Reward: Stuff Limit: One play per two hours You must pay 100 NP per play You can get some NICE stuff with this, and I don't think 1200 NP per day for a cost is anything steep. Simply pay the chick and spin the wheel. The best prize is a whopping 10,000 NP. You can also win bottled faeries and rare items. There are a few bad spaces on the wheel too, which might result in your active pet getting smacked with lightning. Ah well, no pain, no gain, or something. ================================================ +----------------+ |5d. Game Archive| +----------------+ This section contains games that used to exist on Neopets, but for one reason or another no longer do. This is mostly a time-saver for myself; in case they ever bring a game back from the graveyard, I won't have to take the trouble to write a whole new review. There are 24 games in the Archive. ================================================ 101 DALMATIANS II: PATCH'S LONDON ADVENTURE (action) Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day It's too bad the game gives out so few NP, because I was actually starting to enjoy myself toward the end of it. All right, this game's a little weird at first, but once you figure it out, you'll fly. First you have a king-size see saw in the middle of everything. One dog will be standing on the see saw, and another will be standing on the other side on a high platform. When you hit the space bar or left mouse button, whichever dog is on the platform will jump off and land on the see saw, propelling the other dog up to the platform. There will be pictures of spots and meaty foods flying in from both sides. The goal is to have the dogs touch as many of them as they can. You gain points by hitting pictures and you get a little more time by getting food. It doesn't matter, by the way, whether the dog is going up or down when it touches the item, you'll score. This game requires a bit of timing, but you'll have it after a practice round or two (or sooner than that). ================================================ A BRUSH WITH FATE (action) Difficulty: Easy/Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day Brushing your teeth isn't any more fun here than it is in the bathroom, but at least in real life it's actually got some sort of benefit. Well, I suppose you can consider the NP reward from this one a benefit--there are certainly far less profitable games in Neopets--but it may be a bit of a toughie to get the standard. Then again, the 1 to 1 ratio is pretty good, so you may not have too much trouble. Here's the deal: you're brushing a Grundo's mouth (can't he do it himself?), and there are all sorts of yucky things running around his gums. You, as a faithful Kacheek, bust out your Oral-B toothbrush, jump in the Grundo's mouth, and go to town on his molars. The head of the brush apparently has some radioactive toothpaste on it, because the instant it touches anything nasty, the nasty thing dies, awarding you a few points. The teeth are your main target though, and you'll want them all pearly white. The ones that are not exactly that pretty need to be brushed, simply by waving your magic wand--er, toothbrush--over it for a couple of seconds. If only it was that easy in real life. If a nasty thing touches you, you lose some health, and of course the game is over if you lose all of it. Grab Oral-B icons to restore it. ================================================ CHEETOS CHASE (action) Difficulty: Easy/Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day Take every Super Mario game you've ever played, strip away EVERYTHING that made it cool, and you've got this. Cheetos Chase isn't all bad, though. It gives you some really high rewards for really cheesy (no pun intended) action. Chester is limited to walking and jumping. One hit from an enemy takes away a life, and there's no way to defeat the baddies. Did I mention the crappy hit detection, and that sometimes the screen WON'T SCROLL if Chester takes to the air? Yeah, that makes it harder than it needs to be. You get bonuses for completing a level quickly, or by collecting every Cheetos bag or piece in a level. The first level alone should be enough to give you the standard, especially considering that if you get every Cheeto thing before finishing, you'll get 500 points at the end of the level, and the game has a 1:1 ratio. ================================================ COUNTRY BEARS JAMBOREE (puzzle) Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day The only reason that the Standard Chance is not "Guaranteed" is because you'll probably get bored before you get 300 points. This is a nearly identical game to the one that was removed awhile ago. It's an untimed "Simon Says," and every click that you get right, you score 2 points. After each round you get a bonus question that can net you 25 points. Otherwise, it's just click click click to obscenely retarded music. the ratio is 1:1, so you'll get 2 NP per correct answer. ================================================ DAZZLING DRESS-UP (action) Difficulty: Baby Reward: 50 NP Limit: 3 plays per day A game sponsored by What's Her Face! (a new CD game with the stupidest name I've ever heard of), Dazzling Dress-Up is just that. Like Neowardrobe, you get nothing for doing nothing; dress up a Neopet and print it out. You can earn 50 NP by playing the demo of What's Her Face!, but it's not really worth it. This game is aimed at little girls, and knowing the demographic of my FAQs, you're probably not one. ================================================ G-TOON MATCH (puzzle) Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This is a ridiculously short and easy version of Kiko Match, although it's a little... eh, weird. It's not just a straight "match two of the same thing" deal. You have to match Johnny Bravo to Suzy, Buttercup to the dude from the Gangreen Gang, Boo Boo to Mojo Jojo (I still don't understand that one), and the Scotsman to Samurai Jack. If you have no idea who these characters are, you should watch Cartoon Network more. The game only lasts 3 rounds, and the ratio is 3:1, so you'll probably have over 400 NP after the rounds are done. ================================================ HI-CHEW (action) Difficulty: Easy/Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day In this game, you have three kids who need their daily sugar fix. Unfortunately, there's other food that's raining down on them. So, you have to have them catch the Hi-Chews and dodge everything else. Hi-Chews are in little rectangular boxes, and everything else isn't, which makes identification easy. The three kids have two positions: dodge and catch. Clicking a kid changes his stance, and you want them to catch the Hi-Chews and dodge the other stuff, obviously. Be careful: it's not considered a full dodge unless the food is off the screen (if you switch them to catch when the gross stuff is at their chest, it will still count as a catch, and therefore a penalty). Once you a total of six misses of Hi-Chews and/or catches of other stuff, the game ends. It has a 1:1 ratio, and you should be able to gain a decent amount on your first try. The game gets a little complex though, so the chance of getting the standard isn't that good. ================================================ HIT CLIPS (action) Difficulty: Hard Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day Have you ever played Dance Dance Revolution or Parapa the Rapper? A Simon Says game with rhythm, Hit Clips challenges you yo repeat a series of keystrokes (all on the arrow keys) to the beat of a song. Copy it well, and you get points. The payout is EXTREMELY low, so don't even bother with it. ================================================ HONEY NUT CHEERIOS: RACE FOR THE TASTE (action) Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day As the bee, you have to swim around and collect pearls and Honey Nut Cheerios. (Whoever heard of a bee swimming? Wouldn't it make more sense if it was flying? Whatever.) You're against a very stupid AI opponent, so you shouldn't have much of a problem. Just dodge everything except for pearls and Cheerios, and you'll be fine. ================================================ HOT GRILLED NEGGS (action) Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP (Maybe items, not known, perhaps rarely) Limit: 3 Now this is different! ;) The purpose of this game is to cook the Neggs on a stove (Something like Toaster Strudel Bakery - Btw, where's that game gone to?). The Neggs will randomly appear on parts of the stove and you'll have to grill it. When the cook bar reaches the line, you'll have to flip the Negg over. The second time the cook bar reaches the line, you'll have to flip it off the stove and score points (+ bonus). It's possible to undercook (Before reaching the line) and overcook (After the line + a blacken Negg). If you grill a Negg perfectly, you'll get a "perfect bonus" for that Negg. As the game level gets higher, you'll need to grill more than one Negg at the same time, and will also encounter Negg with different cooking speed. Other than those Neggs you need to grill, there's also special Neggs with will either help you or create choas. ================================================ JUNGLE BOOK 2 (action) Difficulty: Easy/Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This game is also known as Lights Out. You are presented with a grid, the size of which is dependant on the difficulty you choose at the start. All squares have two settings: vines and no vines. If you click any square, it changes the setting of that square and the four surrounding it (not the diagonals). When all squares are surrounded by vines, you win. The fewer the moves you take to solve the puzzle, the more NP you get. ================================================ KANGAROO JACK (action) Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day A simple drive-and-dodge game, you are in command of a jeep that you're driving while chasing down a kangaroo named Jack (I'm sure that would have made more sense if I saw the movie). The hit detection is a bit unfair: you have to drive over the precise center of powerups to collect them, but if you even barely clip an obstacle, you'll take damage. The ratio is 1 NP : 2 points, so you won't exactly be walking away with a lot of money, especially considering that the game ends after level 5. ================================================ KIDS NEXT DOOR (puzzle) Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP Limit: 3 "plays" per day Why in the world is this under the games list? All it is is a link! You click the thing, and it takes you to the official site of Cartoon Network's new show, Kids Next Door. Just clicking the link gets you 50 NP. Dumb, huh? ================================================ LILO & STITCH - HAWAIIAN COASTER (action) Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This game is needlessly hard because it doesn't do a good job explaining how the controls work. Basically, you can only move up. The wave that Stitch is surfing on will constantly drag you down. What that means is that you have to tap up to stay at the same place, and you have to hold up to go up. Try to dodge everything you see in the water aside from the records. Grab a record to score some points and fill your special meter. Once you have, hold up to jump out of the water. Start tapping buttons there to pull of tricks and get points. You have to make sure you're done with your trick as you're going back down, because just like Tony Hawk, if you're in the middle of something when you hit the ground, you'll take a spill. The ratio is 1:1, so you won't see too many points from this. ================================================ LUCKOMATIC GARDEN (luck/chance) Difficulty: Baby Reward: See below Limit: None If you think you have green fingers why not try your luck in Luckomatic Garden. You stand to win items and Neopoints. Pluck out all the carrots from the ground, if you have three of the same kind you win! *Sigh* This is another one of the worst games I've played. Although you can have unlimited times to play this game, the chance of winning is far too low, very low. The purpose of this "game" is to pull out all the 6 carrots on the ground and see if you've three of a kind. The prizes includes NP (25, 50, 100, 250) and items (Yellow Chia Plushie, Nacho Cheese Stuffed Hotdog, Tomato). The problem is most of the time you'll only get two of a kind, and you'll have to play for 5~10mins before you win something... Not recommended unless you got too much time to spend. (And lots of money to pay for dialup internet bills... ouch, there goes my Singtel bill again...) As of current, I only win one of each items and no NP ================================================ MONSTERS INC. CANISTER COLLECTOR (action) Difficulty: Medium/Hard Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day I like this game, and it pays well. There is one goal in every corner of the field. If the goal, represented by a character from the movie Monsters Inc. (one of the many movies that are high-selling and yet I've never seen). If the character gets smacked by the ball, he loses a hit point. Five hits, and the player is eliminated. Unlike most of the advertising games, this one is not only fun, it pays well, is challenging, and isn't TOO annoying. The sound effects of the ball and paddles probably won't grate on you, though they are the old-school beeps and boops from the Genesis Master days. You can play with up to three humans, but of course only the single-player version will net you NP. By the way, in-game advertisments can actually affect you. Sometimes, for example, an ad will pop up right in the middle of the playing field that says that Monsters Inc. is coming to DVD and video, blah blah blah. But, the ad itself is part of the game, and it becomes a wall that restricts ball movement to one half of the playing field, protecting two of the players and endangering two others! If that's not interactive advertising, I don't know what is. ================================================ MUMMY MAZE (action) Difficulty: Hard Reward: NP, but not enough to make worthwhile Limit: 3 plays per day As Kiaran the Kyrii, you get to move around tombs, collecting treasure and dodging enemies. Use your swords to destroy traps and baddies, but be careful, because your ammo is limited. The jumping system is weak and really stupid. I really don't like this game, there're far better ones out there. ================================================ MY SCENE TRIVIA (puzzle) Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day See, this is why I write the FAQ... I play the stupid games so you don't have to. In this game, you simply answer trivia about Barbie and her friends (by the way, if she had real-life proportions, she'd be 7' 3"?). You can appeal to a website if you need help on an answer. Every right answer nets you 20 points on a 1:1 ratio, so you need to answer every question of the 15 right just to hit my standard. ================================================ SANTA CLAUSE 2: WHEEL OF WORDS (puzzle) Difficulty: Easy Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day All right, this game is a variation of the gameshow Wheel of Fortune, with a bit of Hangman thrown in for good measure. You spin the wheel and get an NP amount, then you guess a letter (including vowels). If the letter is in the puzzle, you gain NP based on how many times the letter appeared in the puzzle. If you are wrong, you get a strike, and the game ends after three strikes. You cannot guess a puzzle prematurely, but you can send your score anytime, which is certainly good. There is a bankrupt space or two on the wheel, and it will not only drain your current account, but it will give you a strike too. When you solve your puzzle, your strikes will get cleared, but your money will not, so you could play forever and get mass amounts... except for the damn bankrupt space of course. ================================================ SPY KIDS 2: THE ISLAND OF LOST DREAMS (action) Difficulty: Easy/Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day THIS IS FRIGGIN' FUN!!! Well, maybe you won't think so, but anyway... The Spy Kids theme of it is totally pointless. The game is like Life Force or Gradius without the ability to shoot, but unlike Volcano Run, it has a much more logical control scheme. Basically, the player's sprite will try to go to the cursor, so you need to just move the mouse (no need to click) to steer yourself around crap. Grab boxes of treasure and the big round metal things to score points! You probably won't get an absurdly high amount of NP, but the game is quick enough that the relatively small output of NP (270-310 on average) warrants play. ================================================ THE TABLE OF ENCHANTMENT (action) Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This is a simple run-and-dodge game. As the tea cup, you have to run over this table, dodging the upright candles and jumping over the fallen ones. Your health bar is the enchanted rose on the left side of the screen, and everytime you hit something, you lose a petal. Lose 'em all, and it's game over. This game is insanely easy, and you'll hit my standard without too much practice. ================================================ TOASTER STRUDEL BAKERY (action) Difficulty: Medium Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day This is a slightly more complex version of Igloo Garage Sale. First, you select a Neopet you want to play as by clicking its name. Then you guide it left and right, and your goal is to catch the falling Toaster Strudels in your toaster (how lame is THAT?). Once you've done so, you have to watch the toasting meter (or simply use your ears and wait for the chime), then eject the Toaster Strudel by hitting your up key. The thing will go flying into the air and touch icing. On its way down, position your pet under it once again to catch it in your mouth, thereby gaining you points. You get game over once you miss five Toaster Strudels. Yeah, it's a little silly. The reward is a 1:1 ratio, so it's not all THAT profitable, but it's quick and should net you a few hundred. ================================================ TREASURE PLANET - SOLAR SURFER (action) Difficulty: Baby Reward: NP Limit: 3 plays per day My motto should be: "I play the crappy games so you don't have to." Do your ears a great big favor and kill your sound for this one, or you'll have to deal with hearing "WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!" every other second. Despite that complaint, this game is extremely simple and easy. Although there is extremely questionable hit detection at times, the game is overall pretty simple. Even novice gamers should be able to clean up here. Steer the dude around rocks to get treasure. If you're hit, grab the green spheres which give you some health back. Even if you're at 100% health, grab them anyway, because you'll get 20 points for it. At the end of each of the five levels is a pirate ship that rains barrels in your path. They're easy to avoid though if you do a simple trick. Get to the very top-left corner. Then, the moment you see it drop a barrel, go down to the bottom-left corner. When the next barrel starts coming, go back up. Just keep going up and down like this, and you won't have a problem. The game is over once you clear all levels or lose all your shields. The ratio is 1:1. ================================================ YDOUTHINK (action) Difficulty: Easy Reward: Reward Limit: 3 plays per day What does an anti-smoking message have to do with a penalty kick shoot-out in soccer? Well, either way, a cigarette with an attitude is kicking 10 soccer balls at you, one-at-a-time. You'll see in advance where he'll kick them via a target that hops around the goal. When it flashes, you have to hit the corresponding button to save the shot. Here's what I do. I use the first three fingers of my right hand and position them between the rows of keys on the keypad (my index finger is between 1 and 4, my middle finger is between 2 and 5, and my ring finger is between 3 and 6). Once I see a target start flashing, I just have to shift the appropiate finger to the appropiate key, and I make a save. Easy as pie. You gain 20 points for every save, but if you make them all, you'll get a 2x bonus for a total of 400 NP. It's a little tough to consistently get them all, though, which is why I think the chance is medium, not guaranteed. ================================================ +---------------+ |+-------------+| ||6. WORLD TOUR|| |+-------------+| +---------------+ Goodness, there's a lot more to do in Neopia than games! And besides, there are several games that are not listed in the games section because they are not on the site's main game section. Here, I'll list all the parts of the world. You can find these areas by clicking Exlpore in the main bar. I'll mention the minor games and such, but I won't mention EVERY LITTLE THING. There will be a ton of shops that I'll leave to you to explore. +------------------+ |6a. Neopia Central| +------------------+ This is the same area that you go to if you click the Shops link. This is where the main official shops of Neopia are, along with the hospital, pharmacy, Cartoon Network Arcade, and other things. MONEY TREE The Money Tree is a place where people can donate things, or where you can pick some stuff up. It's VERY hard to grab things, though, because everyone in the world is doing so at the same time. RAINBOW POOL This is a place where you can paint your pet, changing its color. You need a matching paintbrush first, and some are QUITE rare. POST OFFICE KIOSK You can buy common stamps here for your stamp book. Of course, you can view your stamp book from here as well. +-------------------+ |6b. Terror Mountain| +-------------------+ There are three main sections of this frigid area: the base, the mountain caves, and the summit. ADVENT CALENDAR Only active in December, you can come into this place every day for a free gift. It can be NP, or rare items, or food, or whatever. GIFT TAGS If you've got a color printer and ink and paper to spare, you can print out tags with a Neopets theme that you can tape on gifts. I suppose you can use it for birthdays too. THE SNOWAGER Inside a cave is a giant snake made of ice. He sits on top of a pile of stuff, guarding it, but he sleeps several times throughout the day. If you go there when he's asleep, you can risk grabbing an item. Of course, if you do and you disturb him, it won't be too healthy for your pet! You can only grab one item for each of his sleeping times, but he sleeps the same time every day. Items include NP, food, and rare things. ARENA OF ICE This is one of many Battledome areas where you can fight for prizes. NEGGERY Around the world, you may collect Neggs, which are eggs with stems and weird designs. In the Neggery, you can trade common Neggs in for Tokens, and use those Tokens to buy more powerful Neggs here. SNOW QUESTS The Snow Faerie will give you an item or two to fetch for her. Of course, you'll be rewarded for it. IGLOO GARAGE SALE Two Bruces are cleaning out their attic and selling everything they find at cheap prices. You can only buy one item from them every so often due to their low prices. SKI LODGE This is the site of a murder mystery! Guessing the murderer right will net you some decent rewards. This game is still ongoing as of 08 August 2002. +------------+ |6c. Tyrannia| +------------+ Set on the plains near Terror Mountain, Tyrannia features a bunch of dinosaurs with bad attitudes. THE WHEEL OF MEDIOCRITY Just like the Wheel of Excitement, only stupid. You pay only 50 NP per spin, and your prizes absolutely suck. This really is a waste of your time, but hey, it's something. CAVE PAINTING Here, you can print out a picture and color it. Think of it as coloring book you have to waste ink on printing. FURNITURE You can buy furniture for your Neohome, if that's your thing. GIANT OMELETTE A free source of food for newcomers to Neopia and cheapskates already inside it. TICKET BOOTH/CONCERT HALL You can buy a ticket to watch a little concert in the concert hall, and you'll get a free souvineer for doing so. Tickets are limited and sell out fast! TYRANNIAN ARENA The Tyrannia branch of the Battledome. LAIR OF THE BEAST Ah... check it out yourself. ;) +---------------------------+ |6d. Virtupets Space Station| +---------------------------+ High in orbit above Neopia is a space station. Here, you can adopt a Grundo, play some games, visit the space cafeteria, and more. GRUNDO WAREHOUSE If you have bought any real-life Neopets stuff, whether it be over the Net or in their shops in California, you can get an item code that you type in here to get a rare virtual item. It's their way of saying thanks for your business! SPACE BATTLEDOME Battledome with artificial gravity! ADOPT A GRUNDO If you wish, you can adopt and name a Grundo in any color and of either gender here. They're kinda ugly... +------------------------+ |6e. The Ruins of Maraqua| +------------------------+ Once there was a whirlpool, and rumors came that there was an underwater city there. Well, the whirlpool has finally stopped, and you can see that there are indeed ruins down there. As of now, there's nothing else to do there, but you never know what the future holds. You should check it out once though, and you'll get access to a new Battledome challenger. +------------------+ |6f. Mystery Island| +------------------+ A little island with a giant Easter Island head, Mystery Island has some nifty stores to check out. THE TRAINING SCHOOL Here you can train your pets to grow stronger for the Battledome. It costs Codestones, which can be bought or found via random events. ISLAND MYSTIC Some old dude who needs some serious plastic surgery predicts your future. It's usually more grim than what Professor Trelawney told Harry Potter. SACRIFICERS The Neopets version of Survivor, the Neopets staff played this game a long time ago, and the players got to "vote off" people. Of course, the losers got killed in nasty, sticky ways. Woo hoo! You can still see all the carnage that took place. COOKING POT Jhuidah the Island Faerie, who apparently missed her face when she was putting on makeup this morning, mans the island cooking pot. You can throw three different items into it, and hopefully something really good (and not necessarily food) will come out! TRADING POST Have some items you don't want? Looking for that last elusive map piece? You can trade any item (including NP) for any other item with other players. Check it out here. You can also access it via your items screen under Pet Central. ISLAND ARENA The Neopets Battledome has opened a branch on Mystery Island. TECHO SAFARI If you're willing to wait for a large download that gives no reward, check this game out. It's like a Choose Your Own Adventure book... not too bad, but I like winning NP more. TIKI TOURS By paying 50 NP, you can send one of your pets (chosen by you) to tour the island. You can see some snapshots of Neopets having fun in the sun, or something. Once you're done, you can download a few pictures made for websites and such, or you can send an e-card to someone. TOMBOLA Like a lottery, you put your hand in the thingy and pull out a ticket. It's free, but you can only play once per day. If your ticket ends with a 0, 2, or 5, you win a prize. Even if it doesn't, you win a little minor prize, like a toy boat. HAIKU GENERATOR Every day, a little Neopian haiku will be given to you in this shop. KITCHEN QUESTS Like other quests, you are told to fetch some items. Completing it will get you a reward. +----------------+ |6g. Krawk Island| +----------------+ Krawk Island is a cove for pirates. There's plenty of stuff here to buy if you have the money to burn. THE GOLDEN DUBLOON A little pub on a surrounding island awaits you. Make sure you enter with a few dubloons to spend! THE ACADEMY The other training school for your pets, this one requires dubloons to pay for the courses. BURIED TREASURE For a price of 200 NP, you can pick one of a bunch of tickets. If it has a message on it, you win NP! DUBLOON O MATIC Here, you can cash in your dubloons for higher denominations. +---------------+ |6h. Faerie Land| +---------------+ Up in the clouds high above Neopia (but not quite as high as the space station) is a land of Faeries with games and other things to do! HEALING SPRINGS The blond Water Faerie can heal your pets and sell you healing potions. She has limited magic and inventory though, so don't plan on buying her out. THE COLORING GAME Another e-coloring book, but this one allows you to color the pictures BEFORE your print it. That way, you waste colored ink instead of just black ink! THE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Here you can get a job for your Neopet (and you, more or less). What it usually boils down to is scoring a bunch of points on a selected game. If you manage that, not only do you get the NP reward from the game itself, but you get NP for completing the job! Sometimes, though, you'll end up paying more than the job rewards, so you'll take a loss. You'll need a decent feel of the economy before accepting any job like that. The more jobs you complete, the more difficult they become, but the higher the rewards. THE HIDDEN TOWER Somewhere in Faerie City is an invisible tower (no, I won't tell you where to click; it's on the main Faerie City picture, the same one with "Maths Nightmare" and all that). Inside are some FREAKIN' EXPENSIVE items, but they're really strong and can seriously turn Battledome battles in your favor. +---------------+ |6i. Lost Desert| +---------------+ An arid place with enough sand to make cats happy forever, the Lost Desert features some excellent shops and games. COLTZAN'S SHRINE Take a pet here once a day, and touch the shrine. Your pet will normally grow stronger in stats, but sometimes you'll also get items or NP! CALCULATOR An online calculator. Like you don't already have one on your computer. Ah, whatever. You can download it too, I suppose, if you feel that will accomplish something. +-----------------+ |6j. Haunted Woods| +-----------------+ Boo. These woods are dark and mean, with a bunch of zombies, ghosts, and other fun things running around. BRAIN TREE/ESOPHAGOR These two freaks of nature work with each other to cause you to lose money. See, visit the Brain Tree first, and you'll be put on a quest to find the date and place of someone's death. Then, go to Esophagor. He'll ask you for two pieces of food, one at a time, that are typically really expensive. After giving him one piece, he'll give you the date of the person's death. The second piece of food will yield the place of the person's death. Report both answers back to the Brain Tree, and you'll get a large reward. Sometimes, the reward isn't quite as good as the cost it took to get the Esophagor his items, though. THE WITCH'S TOWER This evil chick will sell you stuff like potions. SCARY CAVE You can read some "spooky" stories or poems here. Keep the lights on, you may fall off your chair laughing and crack your skull. KAUVARA'S POTION GAME As of today (08 August 2002), the game is offline. COLORING PAGES Another coloring book of sorts, you can print out black-and-white pictures and color them with whatever you happen to have on-hand. Yawn. NEOPET MASKS If you're running short of money this Halloween (or you want to make all your friends point and laugh at you), then you can print out these pictures, cut them out, tie a string around them, and make masks. Joy! HAUNTED HOUSE This is another large game that is nothing more than a Choose Your Own Adventure deal. It's a good story, but you don't get rewarded for it with NP or anything. Still, it's a great way to kill time. DESERTED FAIRGROUND In the boondocks of the Haunted Woods is a deserted fairground, where thousands of Neopets may have frolicked and played and gambled... until SOMETHING scared them off... (maybe the fairground theater showed Eminem's "8 Mile" movie). Believe it or not, there are still a few Neopets there, operating a couple of things like food stands and the like. As you all know, the Wheel of Excitement is in Faerie Land, and the Wheel of Mediocrity is in Tyrannia. The Deserted Fairground is home to the Wheel of Misfortune, by far the most interesting thing there. For 100 NP, you can spin the wheel once every two hours and get stuff... or get your stuff stolen from the Pant Devil. Don't say I didn't warn you. DESERTED FAIRGROUNDS SCRATCHCARDS Added March 26th, 2003 Difficulty: Easy Reward: Various Cost: 1200 NPs Not listed as of yet in the Games room, or Deserted Fairgrounds, but it has been released via the news page. You can find this new addition at the following URL: It works the same as the Ice Cave's Scratchcard Kiosk, but it's much harder to win and costs double, the prize ranges are much better at least. I've only won once, and it's only been 5000 NPs, but the Jackpots I've seen have been nearly 4 million neopoints. Only true downfall about this new addition is that both scratchcard games run on the same 6 hour timer. So you have to choose which place you wish to buy from. **Note** As of late, it may be changed down the line but who knows. They also changed the timer from 2 to 6 hours without notifying us via news. List of known Scratchcards: Crypt of Chance Scratchcard Festering Fortune Scratchcard Mutating Millions Scratchcard Pustravaganza Scratchcard Rotting Riches Scratchcard Undead Jackpot of Doom Scratchcard **Note** There are Fake versions of these scratchcards floating around. They do not work so don't buy them from shops. Luckily they are imprinted with the word "Fake" before the name so you can distinguish between real. +------------+ |6k. Meridell| +------------+ The newest area of Neopia, Meridell is the type of place where you see the words "olde" and "shoppe" a lot. There's archery, Morthogs, and more... I've covered most of Meridell in other sections of my FAQ, since basically the only things there are games. TURDLE RACING Like Poogle Racing, you get to bet on a Turdle, and you pray that it wins a race. You can bet up to three times per day, and the races are far between, unlike Poogle Racing. THE TURMACULUS If you have a pet with a petpet, you can use the petpet to try to wake up this giant monster. Sometimes the monster will give you a good item, but he may eat your petpet if you woke him in a bad mood. Note that he won't wake up just anytime; like the Snowager of the Ice Caves, he's got his own little schedule that he follows. +---------------------------+ |+-------------------------+| ||7. OTHER THINGS IN NEOPIA|| |+-------------------------+| +---------------------------+ Goodness, there's a lot more to do in Neopia than games! And besides, there are several games that are not listed in the games section because they are not on the site's main game section. First up is... +----------+ |7a. Guilds| +----------+ Playing alone is fine, but this is an online game. As such, you're in a world with millions of other players. Many are more than willing to help out others (me for starters), and guilds are the perfect solution. Please forgive me for advertising myself in this section. In a guild, there is one leader and a council of four others who lead the rest. Some guilds are built for war, some are built for personal sucess, some are built upon common interests. Depending on your exact reason for being in Neopia, you may find certain guilds that are perfect for you. The only common thing between all guilds is that you can only be a part of one at a time. I just started a guild when I started the FAQ, called the Neopets FAQ Alliance, and I welcome ANYONE READING THIS DOCUMENT to join. To do so, go to this link: My guild stands for personal success: I will help anyone with anything if I can, ESPECIALLY FAERIE QUESTS. A lot of times, some newcomers to the game need certain items they cannot afford, for example. Other players may already have some they can spare, or some may just be rich enough to buy it outright. Whether or not you join my guild, there's two things you need to watch for. First, try not to join any that require a membership fee. I certainly don't charge for members. Second, try not to join a guild that promises things like a million NP when you join. They probably can't live up to their promises, they're just using false advertising to get more members. You can join any guild anytime, just submit your name. Once you've joined one, you can quit it at anytime as well. +-----------------+ |7b. Random Events| +-----------------+ As you go throughout the game world, you may have a few random events. You may win items, you may lose items, you may get NP or other things. One thing is for sure, you won't have any control over when and what these events are. One of the best ones is the Faerie Quest. Randomly, a faerie will appear and say "I need [item]." This is where guilds really come in handy: though the items aren't always expensive, the Shop Wizard will be shut down while you're on the quest. This means that you can't just search for and buy the item. Once you have the item, whether someone gave it to you or you bought it or whatever, click World, then Quests to turn the item in. Sometimes, you get a crappy prize (my worst was a whopping 5 NP). Sometimes, you get a really good prize (I normally get stat boosts). +---------------------+ |7c. The Neopian Times| +---------------------+ Every week, an e-newspaper comes out called the Neopian Times. It features changes to the world, along with hints of upcoming events. You can even submit stories and comics by e-mailing +--------------------+ |7d. Auctions/Trading| +--------------------+ If you have unwanted items or need certain items, you can visit the Auction House or Trading Post. If you are the one selling, you can set whatever price you want, whether you undercut the competition or sell a chocolote Lupe for a million NP. You can normally find map pieces at decent prices here, as well. Codestones are readily available in the Trading Post, and more often than not, someone is looking for a particular type of Codestone and is willing to trade a different kind for it. +-----------------+ |7e. Your Own Shop| +-----------------+ Through the items screen via Pet Central, you can open and run your own shop. You can put any item you may have found or won and sell it for whatever price you feel is worthy. You may want to check the Shop Wizard before setting a price to see what your competition is offering. +-----------+ |7f. NeoHome| +-----------+ The NeoHome is a huge money sink, but it's a little fun to mess with. Click NeoHome from the Pet Central screen, and you can build a multi-story dream house. You need to buy lighting, security, insurance, and other things to make your house worthy of display. You can buy and add furniture as well, along with building little gardens. +-----------+ |7g. NeoDeck| +-----------+ There are cards all over Neopia like baseball cards. Some can actually be used in battle, but some people (like me) prefer to simply collect them. To access your NeoDeck, click Games, then click Collectable Cards at the bottom. To add cards to it, make sure they're in your inventory, then click the card and use the drop-down menu to select "Add to NeoDeck." There are some cards called Battle Cards which can be used in the Battledome. They are not collectable for your deck. +-----------+ |7h. PetPets| +-----------+ Your Neopets can have pets of their own called PetPets (weird, but true). All PetPets are ADC (Awfully Damn Cute) and can be purchased from shops spread all over Neopia. I believe that only one PetPet can be given to any Neopet. I'm not entirely sure what the upside is, but I believe your pet actually gains some intelligence now and then. +---------------------------+ |7i. The Neopian Stockmarket| +---------------------------+ Hit the Games link, then check the bottom to find the Stock Market link. Like a real-life stock market, this is a slightly unpredicatble way to invest money. However, you can make some obscene profits if you do the right thing (one of my stocks once went up over 50%). You can trade up to 1000 shares a day, and you have to trade in companies that have a price of at least 15 NP. +--------------------+ |7j. Stamp Collecting| +--------------------+ In addition to the Neodeck, you can collect stamps. You can find stamps as random events, or when you win games, or when you sign up with sponsors (methods will of course change over time). Your stamp collection book, which is free and is already provided to everybody, has several pages, each of which can hold 25 stamps of a particular theme. The upper 20 of the page are common, but the bottom five are rare. Read this carefully: once you put a stamp in your stamp book, YOU CAN'T GET IT BACK OUT. So, if you only want to trade or sell stamps, don't shove them in your book. Put them in your SDB or shop or whatever. +-------------------+ |+-----------------+| ||8. PYRO'S ROUTINE|| |+-----------------+| +-------------------+ A lot of people have asked me what I do day to day in Neopia. Well, I'll tell you, I do have a routine that I follow religiously every time I log on. It's a way to get a moderate amount of NP per day. There's no way I have the time or patience to get the hundreds of thousands per day that some people do, but using my steps, I make a good 7K to 10K or so per day, with half of it going to Sixam's training and the other half getting depositied in the bank. Here are the steps... -Collect bank interest -Tyrannia > Tyrannian Plateau > Free Omelette -Lost Desert > Coltzan's Shrine -Lost Desert > Fruit Machine -Mystery Island > Tombola -Games > Luck/Chance > Wheel of Excitement -Games > Action > Juicy Fruit (3 times, minimum score of 750) -Grundo's Gym (directly type URL since the link has been taken away) -Games > Action > Igloo Garage Sale (3 times, minimum score of 400) -Games > Puzzle > Deckswabber (3 times, only to 300 points) -Games > Action > Pterattack (3 times on Medium, minimum score of 550) -Krawk Island > Training School > Enroll Sixam in Strength, Endurance, Level in that order -Shop Wizzy to find the appropiate dubloon, pay for it, then pay for the course -Deposit money by the thousand so I have between 1K and 2K on hand -Games > Puzzle > Poogle Solitaire -Games > Luck/Chance > Scorchy Slots (until Sixam gets bored) -Games > Luck/Chance > Dice-a-roo (until Sixam gets bored; I play this for items, so I never stop to collect my pot) -Manage money and items; again, I deposit money in bank until I have between 1K and 2K on hand. Faeries go on the trading block for any codestone, a two dubloon coin, or 3.5K. All other items get deposited in my safe deposit box. If I'm still in the mood for Neopets after that, I just screw around on other games that catch my interest to gain my NP. Of course, throughout the day and all steps I monitor my guild and mail box in case someone needs to contact me. Also, if at any time I get a faerie quest, I halt what I'm currently doing and focus on the quest. +-------------------------------+ |+-----------------------------+| ||9. THE NEOPIAN EVENT CALENDAR|| |+-----------------------------+| +-------------------------------+ You can find this at, but I'm copying it to here as well. There are MANY events every year, with new ones being added now and then as well. If it's a species day (such as Lupe Day), many new items or Battledome moves are produced for the species. Also, typically the Academy on Krawk Island gives free training all day to monsters of the species. Make sure that you're online to take advantage of species days when your pets' days approach. +-------------------------------+ |The month of Sleeping (January)| +-------------------------------+ Jan 3rd - Aisha Day Jan 11th - Festival of Buzz. (Buzz Day) Jan 16th - Elephante Day Jan 29th - Kacheek Day +---------------------------------+ |The month of Awakening (February)| +---------------------------------+ Feb 3rd - Zafara Day Feb 12th - Lenny Festival (Lenny Day) Feb 14th - Valentine's Day and Neopians everywhere are sending each other messages of Lurve! Feb 18th - Chocolate Chia Day (Chia Day) Feb 21st - Tonu Day Feb 22nd - Mynci Day +----------------------------+ |The month of Running (March)| +----------------------------+ March - Gadgadsbogen - The Mystery Island festival of fruit! Mar 2nd - Uni Day, A holiday honouring Neopia's most vain creatures Mar 6th - Gelert Day Mar 14th - Scorchio Day Mar 22nd - Chomby Carnival (Chomby Day) +---------------------------+ |The month of Eating (April)| +---------------------------+ April 1st - April Fool's Day - Time to play crafty tricks and generally be mischevious. April 2nd - Shoyru Day April 16th - Krawk Day April 22nd - Kougra Day April 27th - Cybunny Carnival (Cybunny Day) +--------------------------+ |The month of Hunting (May)| +--------------------------+ May 2nd - Lupe Day May 12th - Tyrannian Victory Day!!! May 14th - Moehog Day May 25th - Koi Day +----------------------------+ |The month of Relaxing (June)| +----------------------------+ June 6th - JubJub Day June 13th - Quiggle Day June 15th - Nimmo Day June 19th - Kau Day June 28th - Acara Aquatic Festival +----------------------------+ |The month of Swimming (July)| +----------------------------+ July 3rd - Flotsam Day July 11th - The Ixi arrives in Neopia July 12th - Tuskaninny Day July 17th - Kiko Day July 26th - Peophin Day July 30th - Discovery of Meridell +----------------------------+ |The month of Hiding (August)| +----------------------------+ Aug 8th - Blumaroo Day Aug 18th - Meerca Day! Aug 20th - Annual Usuki Doll Convention Aug 24th - Grundo Independence Day Aug 29th - Kyrii Day +----------------------------------+ |The month of Gathering (September)| +----------------------------------+ Sept 13th - Techo Day Sept 15th - The Annual Chocolate Ball Sept 19th - Poogle Parade (Poogle Day) Sept 20th - Faerie Festival. Rumour has it that this is when the Faeries are most generous to Neopians. Sept 23rd - Annual Gormball Championships Sept 25th - Skeith Day +---------------------------------+ |The month of Collecting (October)| +---------------------------------+ Oct 4th - Grarrl Day Oct 10th - Eyrie Day Oct 16th - Jetsam Day Oct 26th - Korbat Day Oct 31st - A grand night for the not so good Neopians. Magic and witchery are everywhere today. +-------------------------------+ |The month of Storing (November)| +-------------------------------+ Nov 8th - Pteri Flying Championships (Pteri Day) Nov 14th - Celebrate the birth of the first Chia Nov 15th - Neopets is Three Years Old!!! Lots of Celebrating and fun things to mark this special occasion Nov 27th - Usul Skiing Season begins (Usul Day) +-----------------------------------+ |The month of Celebrating (December)| +-----------------------------------+ Dec 5th - Bruce Day Dec 12th - Wocky Day Dec 20th - Borovan Day - Everybody likes to drink a hot cup of borovan on this day! Dec 25th - Day of Giving - Gifts abound as all Neopia gets full of festive spirit Dec 31st / Jan 1st - Neopia enters the Year 5! +------------------+ |+----------------+| ||10. CONTRIBUTORS|| |+----------------+| +------------------+ This section lists everyone who has directly helped me out with the FAQ. I'll list their e-mail address if applicable. All mentioned people have my sincere thanks. If you find your name here but did not receive a personal reply from me, trust me, I seriously thank you for your contribution. +------------+ |For FAQ v1.2| +------------+ blackknightcaptain gave me some info on the Cheese Roller game +------------+ |For FAQ v1.6| +------------+ _neo_bahamut_ played Armada and Geos with me, letting me get full reports on them for the new subsection 5d +------------+ |For FAQ v2.5| +------------+ With the coolest name I've ever seen, Monkey From Mental Hospital ( had given me a tip on Plushie Tycoon +------------+ |For FAQ v2.6| +------------+ Gothann ( gave me a small Meerca Chase tip +------------+ |For FAQ v2.8| +------------+ konichiwa66 has written the description of Invasion of Meridell +------------+ |For FAQ v4.1| +------------+ Daniel Bevan ( sent corrections for the Cheeseroller game and the Scratch Card Kiosk +------------+ |For FAQ v5.1| +------------+ Zane McFate ( sent a great strategy guide for the game of Cheat! +------------+ |For FAQ v5.5| +------------+ SwordFire82 sent reviews for Hot Grilled Neggs and Luckomatic Garden. +------------+ |For FAQ v6.1| +------------+ cjradical added a bunch of information on Meristones. +------------+ |For FAQ v7.2| +------------+ thewilf_17 gave a mini-FAQ for Dubloon Disaster. +----------------------+ |+--------------------+| ||11. LATEST 5 UPDATES|| |+--------------------+| +----------------------+ v22 (20 April 2003) Lord Treant has submitted a review for a new puzzle game, Skarl's Scramble. That brings the puzzle count up to 36, and the total count up to 121. v21 (11 April 2003) Lord Treant has submitted reviews for Word Poker, Nimmo's Pond, Toybox Escape, and Superdudes. That's 5 reviews, so I'm officially dubbing him a the co-author for this guide! Now, between the two of us, you'll see more updates (accurate ones, I might add), and this FAQ will not die. Woo hoo! Some info he's asked me to include is in the intro section, and his reviews are where they should be. Finally, I got rid of the Standard Chance on every game because the Neopets staff frequently changes the difficulty and point payout around for games, so by the time you read what I put for Standard Chance, it could be outdated. v20 (08 April 2003) Someone has applied for the job as my co-author for this guide. His test is to give a few contributions, and his first is the only change for this update. Treant ( has given a review for Deserted Fairgrounds Scratchcards, which can be found in the World Tour section. Also, since Scratchcard Kiosk was moved to the games list, I've removed it from World Tour. v19 (04 April 2003) I fixed a couple layout issues with the guide, nothing more. v18 (02 April 2003) For this update, I've tossed the traditional version numbers since I update this guide more and more inconsistently. Instead, I'll just put what update number the guide is in for the version... in this case, I believe this is my 17th update to the original release, hence it's version 18. Anyway, I've done a full game check, so the lists are all up to date. If you have anything to add, feel free to write to me. +--------------------+ |+------------------+| ||12. COPYRIGHT INFO|| |+------------------+| +--------------------+ An HTML version of this guide can be found at my website, listed near the bottom of this document. This document is copyright 2002-2003 for J. "PyroFalkon" Habib. If you plan to use any of it as part of another FAQ, you need my permission first. However, if you plan to post it on a website or e-mail it to someone or whatnot, you may do so without my permission AS LONG AS IT IS NOT ALTERED IN ANY WAY. I'd like you to drop me an e-mail so I know where you're going to take it, but I will not require you to do so. You may download it or print it at your leisure. The most updated version will always be found at these sites: Other sites may have up-to-date versions, but check GameFAQs or my website first. +------------------+ |+----------------+| ||13. CONTACT INFO|| |+----------------+| +------------------+ If any information is incorrect, or you wish to submit something, please e-mail me. My address is found on the bottom of the FAQ. Credit will be given where it's due. If you submit something to me, I will credit you by the name you signed in the message body or by the name attached to your e-mail. I will also post your e-mail address unless you specifically tell me not to. If you wish to be e-mailed when this FAQ is updated, send your request to me. If you have a junk mail protector on your e-mail program, make sure you put my e-mail address on the safe list, or my messages may not get through.