Neopets Newbie Tips

These are the top 10 tips for neopets newbies.

  1. Make sure the first thing you do is pickup the Newbie Pack from your 'Inventory'. This should contain 5 different items :)
  2. As a pet owner you will need NeoPoints (money) to buy your pet food, toys, weapons etc. One of the best ways to make money is by having your own shop. Create your own shop by going here and following the instructions. It will cost you a few NP (NeoPoints) and give you room for 5 items. To upgrade your shop click on the 'Create/Edit a Shop' link and click the button at the bottom. Every upgrade costs more money than the last time and always gives you room for 5 more items.
  3. To make some money the first thing to do is sell your Newbie Pack items. Go back to your 'Inventory' and then click on the 'Quick Stock' link. Click on the radio button for each item in the 'Stock' column and then click the 'Submit' button. All your items will now be in your 'Shop Stock' list. Click on the 'Shop Stock' link as it is now time to put a price on each item :) You do not want to make your prices too high because no one will buy your items. Read on.....
  4. Many times throughout the game you will need to know the current value of some items. We recommend that you open up a new browser window and then visit the 'Shop Wizard'. Type the name of the item you are interested in in the 'What are you looking for?' edit box and then choose 'identical to my phrase' from the drop-down box. Click on the 'Search Shops' button and you will see a list of shops offering that item and how many NP they are asking. Make a note of the cheapest price and then click the back button on your browser. Repeat this several times. Now you should have a pretty good idea what your item is worth and you can put this value in your 'Shop Stock' list.
  5. Once every item in your 'Shop Stock' list has a price then click the 'Update Prices' button. Click on the 'Shop Front' link to see how your shop will look to others :) The 'Shop Till' link will let you see how much money you have made and also withdraw it. The 'Sales History' will list all items that you have sold.
  6. Every day there are many places you can go to get free or cheap items.
    Here is a complete list of the 'Once a Day' stops:
    1. The Neopet Fruit Machine
    2. Tiki Tack Tombola
    3. Giant Omelette
    4. Giant Jelly
    5. Advent Calendar (December Only)

    Other places can be visited several times a day:

    1. Coltzan's Shrine
    2. Wheel of Excitement
    3. Wheel of Mediocrity
    4. Wheel of Misfortune
    5. The Snowager
    6. Healing Springs
    7. The Money Tree
    8. Meridell Rubbish Dump
    9. The Soup Kitchen
    10. Turmaculus
    11. Scratchcard Kiosk
    12. Deserted Fairground Scratchcards

    All the items you get can be sold in your shop :)

  7. Playing games is another really good way of earning NP. Go to the Game Room and choose the ones you think look interesting :)
  8. Once you start making lots of money then you will need a 'Bank Account' to put it in. All accounts earn interest but you have to make sure you visit the bank once a day to claim it!
  9. Another really good way to make money is to buy the newly released items from the 'Main Shops' and then sell them in your shop. There is always a big demand for these items so you can make a bigger profit. Keep checking the 'News' page to see what is new or just visit us :)
  10. Have FUN! That is what it is all about :)