Neopets Mootrix Drop Codes

Mootix Drop codes

Go to a Mission Drop screen (where it shows what mission you're going to do) and press up, down, right and left. Some icons appear will appear in the bottom corner. There are three (right, middle and left) columns and four (babaa, spyder, mootix, target) icons. Place them in the following orders to get the results.

Babaa/Mootix/SpyderGiant mootix
Babaa/Target/SpyderHeavy mootix and you start with 5 points
Target/Mootix/BabaaInvisible mootix and you start with 5 points
Mootix/Target/MootixSmall mootix
Target/Target/SpyderStart with 8 points in the secret Spyder level
Spyder/Target/TargetStart with 8888 points in the secret Spyder level, but you go up instead of down and the level never ends
Spyder/Target/MootixSuper Fast mootix
Mootix/Target/BabaaThe whole screen is upside down, and you start with 10 points