Neopets Hints and Tips

Neopets Tips

  1. Play the stock market! Buy the 1NP things in mass quantity and sell them at 2NP...or wait longer for more!
  2. It's wise to keep a part of your NP in the bank to use as security if you ever run low.
  3. Refer people! Lots of people! The more people you refer, the better the prizes you will receive!
  4. Play lots of games, like kacheek seek and Scorchy slots!
  5. Buy Fearies from the magic store and re-sell them (in auctions OR in your shop) for about 900-1000 nps!
  6. Put books (like World Class Wockys or Unique Unis) is your shop for 500 nps, then log-out, create a new (fake) account and with the 500 nps you will receive for signing up, buy a book from your real account's shop! (do this again and again) Hope those will help you!
  7. Play gorm ball! It gives you uncommon items!
  8. Play lots of games! You'll get lots of np!

Useful Neopets Hints

  1. Don't buy food! It's expensive and not needed
  2. Visit Tombola, Coltzan's Shrine, The Fruit Machine and the Snowager every day! And for free food go to the Giant Omelette.
  3. SNOWAGER SLEEPING TIMES: 6-7am, 2-3pm and 10-11pm (please note these times are in NST-neopian standard time-to find the NST click world on the side bar and it will tell you there)
  4. If you have alot of neopoints don't keep alot with you, deposite most of it in the bank and only carry about 250 neopoints with you at one time, this way it can't be stolen by random events. **If you carry about 5nps the game will think you are poor and give you nps. So look out for RANDOM EVENTS**
  5. For the month of December visit The Advent Calendar for free stuff.
  6. The hidden tower URL is: ~ or you can go to the bottom of the page, and click on the link!