Neopets Haunted House Solutions

Haunted House, located in the Haunted Woods is a game that does not give any Neopoints, but is just for fun. Your goal is to successfully escape the house. We have provided the solutions to successfully get out. Once you are down, you should try other combinations on picking how to continue the story and see what will happen.

Here is the best way to beat the Haunted House:

  1. Choose: Continue down road.
  2. Choose: Stay in Car.
  3. Choose: Run from the car in terror.
  4. Choose: Continue along the path, avoiding the old house.
  5. Choose: Keep Asking Questions.
  6. Choose: Head up to the house to look for the woman's baby.
  7. Choose: Investigate the noise in the bushes.
  8. Choose: Descend the steps into the dark cellar.
  9. Choose: Try to break down the boards.
  10. Choose: Read the book on history.
  11. Choose: Run back up the stairs.
  12. Choose: Continue along the corridor.
  13. Choose: Continue.
  14. Choose: Shine your torch in his face
  15. Choose: Run down the right corridor
Thats the end. congrats!!!