Neopets Gain Health After Battle

If you lost in a battle and went to the healing springs, and the water faerie only restores something like three hp, what do you do? Well here are some alternative ways to heal.

First gain one of these healing abilities:

Heal, Water, Level 1
Water of Life, Water, Level 20
Restore, Light, Level 22
Magic Berries, Earth, Level 6
Negg, Earth, Level 12
Great Feast, Earth Level 19
Regeneration, Earth, Level 23
Shadow Health, Dark, level 17
Drain Life, Dark, Level 21

Make sure you have at least one hp. If you do not, try healing springs or feeding your pet. You can then enter any battle. Choose one Player and select Punchbag Bob.

Just keep using your Healing Ability on WEAK. You should go back to full HP before the power meter runs out. (unless you have an amazing amount of HP, in which case: how could you lose?)

Simple, cheap, effective. It's so easy but many people, especially newbies, don't think of this.