Neopets Beat Ghost Lupe

How To Beat?
Now, to beat someone you need to learn about him!
Starting Difficulty – 32 (32 HP)
Getting 2 life each time you beat him

Ghost Lupe's BattleDome Equipment
Super Lupurus Tooth – 2 air icons, 1 physical icon
Aura – 1 lightning icon
Forest Sling – 2 earth icons, 2 physical icons
Ghost Lupe Plasma Gun – 2 water icons, 2 air icons, 2 dark icons
Icy Snowball – 4 earth icons, 4 water icons, 1 physical icon
Ghost Lupe Shield – BLOCKS 2 earth icons, 2 lightning icons, 2 water icons, 2 physical icons
Ghost Lupe Sword – 1 physical icon, BLOCKS 2 earth icons, 2 physical icons
Grand Lightning Beam – 2 fire icons, 2 lightning icons, 1 physical icon

Blocks: 4 earth, 4 physical, 2 lightning, 2 water.
Damage: 4 air, 5 physical, 3 lightning, 6 earth, 6 water, 2 fire, 2 dark.

Choosing Weapons
As you saw, the Ghost Lupe is mostly blocks earth, but he's blocking a little bit of everything, and making most of earth and water damage.
My weapons suggestions (cost no more than 25,000 np!):
First Round Weapons (Once per battle use):
Purple Blob Potion – Price: 35 np, Damage: 2/3(weaker/stronger pet) fire, 3 dark
Caustic Potion – Price: 150 np, Damage: 5 earth, Heals: 1-5 HP
Mud Mixture – Price: 50 np, Damage: 5 earth, Heals: 1-5 HP
Illusens Earth Potion – Price: 2300np, Damage: 6 earth + random 1-3 physical
Choose 2 of the 4, My Suggestion – Illusens Earth Potion, Purple Blob Potion

Main Weapons
Immense Rubber Axe Of Doom – Price: 3900 np, Damage: 2 earth, 2 dark, 2 physical, Block: 2 earth, 2 physical
Lost Desert Dagger – Price: 8000 np, Damage: 3 fire, 3 earth
Scarab Stone Slingshot – Price: 6000 np, Damage: 4 earth, 2 lightning
Choose 2 of the 3, My Suggestion – Immense Rubber Axe of Doom and Lost Desert Dagger

Bronze Scorchstone – Price: 9500-11000 np, Heals: 15 HP

Defense Item
Leaf Shield – Price: 650 np, Blocks (against the Ghost Lupe): 2 physical, 4 water, 4 earth

TOTAL PRICE (of all the suggested formula)

Well, the battle starts…
On the first move use the Once per Battle items + Fierce Attack.
Continue the next moves with the main weapons + Fierce Attack.
Keep using them until the Ghost Lupe make you damage that you can heal and back to full life (Example: Your HP: 25/40 – Use Scorchstone to heal back to full life).
Keep using main weapons until the Ghost Lupe make you damage over 2 thirds of your life (Example: Your HP: 16/40), than start using leaf shield with one main weapon + Fierce Attack.
When you dying (10 hp or less), start using leaf shield with main weapon + defend.
Beat Him?

Didn't beat him?
Try again; you may try all the combinations if you want!

TIP: increase your Hit Points (HP), much as you can (you can use the Mystery Island Training School or the Swashbuckling Academy, You can also use the Lab Ray, but remember your pet can change species color or gender over there, it's a risk!), it's very important part defeating any challenger, beside Chia Clown :)