Neopets Battledome

Neopets Hidden Battledome Challengers

Here are how to get the unlockable challengers for the Battledome. Those that are gotten when you start an account are not listed.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Advisor BrooRandom Event while playing Dice-A-Roo
BalthazarKeep refreshing at
Black PteriRandom Event
Brain TreeFinish his Quest in the Haunted Woods
Cave ChiaKeep refreshing at
ChiazillaKeep refreshing at
Commander GarooKeep refreshing at
Count Von RooRandom Event
EdnaFinish her Quest in the Haunted Woods
Ghost Lupe
Jelly Chia
Kasuki LuBuy a ''Kasuki Lu'' trading card and click on it once it's in your inventory
Koi WarriorKeep refreshing at
Lava GhoulRandom Event
Magnus the Torch
Meerca HenchmenKeep refreshing at
MeukaUse a Ferocious Negg, Random Event, or Wheel of Misfortune in Deserted Fairgrounds to give your pet Sneezles of Neoflu; then visit Quick Ref
Pant DevilRandom Event or have him steal an item in the Wheel of Excitement in Faerieland
Ryshu the Nimmo
Sabre-XRandom Event in Tryannia
Shadow UsulRandom Event
Sidney Win a level 3 or higher prize on one of his scratchcards
Snow FaerieFinish her Quest on the Top of Terror Mountain
Space FaerieRedeem a Rare Item Code at the Space Station
Spider Grundo
Tax BeatRand Event where he takes 10% of your Neopoints on hand
Tekkitu the Witch DoctorTake a Tiki Tour on Mystery Island
The SnowagerHave him blast you at his cavewhen you try to wake him up in the Ice Caves
Tiki Tack Man
ViraRandom Event
Zafara RogueKeep refreshing at