Neggs/Neggs Help 2

This page gives you the actual how many tokens each negg is worth. Also not all neggs have a negg token value.

Negg Negg Token Value
Fish Negg 50 Tokens
Fishy Easter Negg 8 Tokens
Frozen Negg 14 Tokens
Fruity Faerie Easter Negg 10 Tokens
Glass Negg 5 Tokens
Green Negg 3 Tokens
Ice Negg 2 Tokens
Lemon Lime Easter Negg 32 Tokens
Lemon Sherbet Easter Negg 10 Tokens
Lemon Swirly Negg 4 Tokens
Lime Swirly Negg 3 Tokens
Battleduck Negg 8 Tokens
Blue Negg 5 Tokens
Brown Negg 1 Token
Candy Cane Negg 6 Tokens
Checkered Easter Negg 8 Tokens
Chocolate Orange Easter Negg 22 Tokens
Christmas Pattern Negg 8 Tokens
Chyrsaberry Surprise Negg 10 Tokens
Combomelon Easter Negg 10 Tokens
Cookie Negg 2 Tokens
Cornupeper Easter Negg 10 Tokens
Dancing Daisy Easter Negg 10 Tokens
Decorative Negg 6 Tokens
Lovely Lime Easter Negg 10 Tokens
Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg 28 Tokens
Maple Syrup Negg 6 Tokens
Mint Chocolate Easter Negg 26 Tokens
Negg Cream Cookie 11 Tokens
Orange Negg 4 Tokens
Ornate Purple Negg 6 Tokens