NP Help

Neopoints Help - Neopoints (pronounced knee-oh-points) is actually the currency in Neopia. A person can buy items using np, stock from the stock market, bid in auctions and trade for other items on Neopets. The prices of individual items vary, the trading, which occurs within shops and auctions, are what keeps the economy alive and well.

  • Neopets shops also stocks items that can be resold for millions, so keep a good look out for them if you decide to become a storeowner!

  • Buying an expensive item in the official stores is all well and good, but there is no point if you cannot sell the item. When selling through your own private store, you are competing with every other private storeowner out there, so you'll need to price your products accordingly so the public is encouraged to buy your product first.

  • Also a method where a good base of neopoints is recommended, this strategy is best suited to players who know his/her items should only play this method, as the potential to lose a lot of neopoints on this venture is very real and very possible.

  • If a player is smart and knows his/her items, he/she could easily trade items that are worth millions, for items they own which can be worth less, thereby making a gain of the difference between item one and item two. Traders who can sense when a player needs an item urgent, can up the prices for their items, safe with the knowledge that their items will be sold!

  • Generally frowned upon as a way to make profit and restricted to those who have a large sum of Neopoints that they don't plan on doing much with, investing in weapons can sometimes lead to doubled or even tripled returns. The idea follows that one buys a weapon at a lower price after a war or major event in Neopia, then waits for the next war to occur.

  • After a small amount of neopoints has been saved up, players have various options open to them. They can either choose to spend it all on more items, or they can choose to invest it in the banking system, which give interest returns every day for keeping the money in the bank! For budding business enthusiasts, there is also an option to open a store, which allows the user to resell items they gain either from finding or buying them.

  • While gaining neopoints through games may be what many people initially do to stockpile their overall funds, this method of gaining income is extremely popular with gaming enthusiasts and if played properly, can be a very big source of a player's overall income. Generally, Neopets provides every user with access to games with differing difficulty ratings. Typically, the harder a game is, the greater the neopoint returns.

  • Visit the shop wizard in Neopia Central and ask him to bring you back a listing of the price in a handful of privately owned stores for your particular good. Once he has that list, price your product in your own store a few neopoints lower than the cheapest priced item. This will ensure that passersby, looking to make a saving, very quickly, grab your item.

  • Auctioneers should exercise caution when bidding, as they could be bidding on an item, which is overpriced. Additionally, bidding can become quite competitive, so people who plan to play with this method should polish up their auctioning skills! This means they should pretend that they're not interested in the item, thus making other bidders relax because they think there is no competition, enabling you to run in on the last minute and make the winning bid!

  • Neopoints can be gained from many different activities. Initially, players will make most of their income from playing games in Neopets. The higher a person scores, the greater the point returns. If a person excels at such games, it is not uncommon to see that person make his/her entire earnings off these games.

  • This is often cited as the best method of gaining the much-coveted neopoints. When a user chooses to open a shop, he/she pays a small deposit to reserve a piece of land for the shop. Initially, the shop can only hold a set number of items to sell, but the shop is able to be permanently upgraded.

  • A user stocks his/her stop by either finding or buying items in other shops. Users gain neopoints by reselling these items.

  • Essentially, players who play this method are called 'restockers'. Haggling skills are not important here, as you are attempting to grab the item before another player does. 'Restocking' is a very popular method and used by the majority of players, as it enables new players to effectively become rich overnight!