Invasion of Meridell

Invasion of Meridell

Dispite the fact that this game takes a long time, and that you don't get many neopoints, it is still a great game, at least for those people who are patient. This game is mainly bases on strategy. You command troops, and battle against the evil forces of lord Darigan to save a number of villages from being attaked.

How to play:

You start out with five people joined to your troops. They are inexperienced, and have learning to do on their way to victory. The game board is basically like a checkers or chess board. You get five moves before Darigan's troops get a turn. You do not want the evil villans to become positioned next to one of the villages on the screen, because the whole point of the game is to make sure Darigan's soldiers don't destroy the villages. To mve a piece, you must click on them with the mouse, and then click one space ahead, diagonal to, or to the left or right of that piece. Each piece can only move one space each time they move. There is a limitation on how many moves you can make on a certain type of soldier. You take five moves with your soldiers, and then Darigan's troops do the same, and so on. When moving slowly across the board with your pieces, you may happen upon some items. Each new level, the items get better. They are healing potions, and weapons which will make your soldiers defence, or attack better. To fight, you must be next to or diagonal to an evil character, and then you click on the character of yours wihich is next them, and then click on the soldier of Darigan to fight them. They will hit back only when it's their turn. Most likely, you will not kill them in the first hit. Once they are dead, you have a rescued villager who now takes that evil soldiers spot. You now have six character to use. Each time you kill one of the enemies, you gain a soldier.

On the other end of the board, the evil soldiers are guarding a lost items, and if you capture it from them, then you will get extra points.


  1. Save ever village for the most neopoints.
  2. Move all your characters so that they are blocking the evil soldiers' paths.
  3. Go for the lost items with one of your characters before the last two bad soldiers are beaten. If you don't and you beat one more so that there is one left, it will say that they anticipate that they will loss, so they whisked the lost items away.