Dubloon Disaster

Dubloon Disaster

You play Dorak, a young Krawk trying to get away from the Black Pawkeet, a feared pirate ship, in a rowboat. Try and get the Dubloons in the water before you get hit by a missile from the Black Pawkeet.

The Black Pawkeet missiles speed up as they move closer to you, and get nearer. If ever a missile surfaces near you, move away quickly, in the general direction of a vacant area of water.

In order to be able to escape tight spots, you need to have the correct orientation of the direction you are facing. Read this carefully, and remember it well. If you are facing forward and you press Left, you are turning left, and left becomes in front. This means that if, facing forward, you press left until you are clockwise of your original position, and press up, you go left, because that is the direction you are facing! This is important because if the Pawkeet missiles are closing down on you, you cannot afford to make a mistake. If you seem stuck (can't go left, can't go right, can't go forward), try pressing the down button. This will make you move backwards from your original position.


  1. First, before you even start the game, check out Graphic Options. Disable all the graphic options (when they said disabling them would result in improved performance, they weren't kidding) and then start the game. If you'd ever played Dubloon Disaster with the graphic options turned on, you'll see a visible difference in the speed of play (not just yours, but unfortunately the Black Pawkeet missiles too).
  2. The missiles destroy each other if they collide. Two less missiles won't harm you. To force such a collision, move into a central position between two missiles. Let them get close to you, pick up speed and just before Dorak gets blown up by them, speed yourself out of there. If you're lucky, the missiles will crash into each other. Try and keep the number of missiles in the water to just 1 or 2 at any one time, this will make your job of escaping easier. This is not easy, but it works!