Avatar/Avatar Help

Neopetss Avatars are actually the images that displayed under name of user whenever that user post a message on the neopets chat boards. All the neopetss have avatar species except the Ruki and Yurble. And the six basic Faeries (water, fire, earth, dark, light ,air) and the 'Lumpy' Christmas Rock these are by default yours. As well as time to time neopetss can add additional deafult avatars.

Avatars Help for Newbies

  • The provided avatars, there are hundreds of avatars which can be found around the site by doing different things like just by getting a high score on a game and then feeding neopets something special, by playing with a toy, and many more. Many are more harder to find than others, and many have been retired-no longer available.

  • Chaning your neopets avatar
    To change your avatar, select "Chat Preferences" at the top of the NeoBoards page or to go there directly.

  • Information about trophies and avatars
    The number of secret avatars you have found can be seen on user look-up page, as well as the seventeen users with the most secret avatars receive trophies.

Also some of the latest neopet avatars of different categories are listed below.