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Quick Neopets Cheats and Hacks

Here are some of the common quick neopets cheats. To see details of more neopets cheats use the menu on the left hand side of the page.

Quick Neopoints Hack
Set the time to 11:59 p.m. and wait one minute to have the game think it is another day. This is a quick way to get the neopoints From the games and the trophies, and to refill the shop without having to sleep until the next day. After you do this, change the time and date back to their original setting.
How can I make 5000 a day?
I buy lots of Spicy wings and lots of Hot Cakes and mix them up in the cooking pot and when i buy them i pay no more than 30 np each. Then i go and put them in the shop for 85 np!!! You can do this if you want because i dont mind losing business to someone thats poorer than me

Carnival of Terror
To get more time type in "custard" during the game
Duplication Cheat
1.) Go into Your Inventory. 2.) Click on an item that you want to duplicate. 3.) Right-click on the page that pops up and view the source. Copy and paste that source into an HTML section of your own free website. (You can get free websites right here at Neopets.) 4.) Change where it says "Select Action" to "Give To [Your Username Here]" (near bottom). 5.) Go to the website, and press "submit"! I dont think it works any more tho
Free Chocolate Lupes
10:00 p.m. - 10:05 p.m., (eastern time) the Lupe Pack donates hundreds of chocolate lupes to the money tree! Free Neopoints! umm, not sure if they do this any more but can still try!
Codes for the hide and seek
Go to the library or the tree, then click any were then click Tab then enter then keep repeating.
Cheat to get atleast 1100 neopoints
First get an account, then sign up for all offers (If you dont want all that crap in your mail box make a fake account at Hotmail) then get a shop, and put 4 apples in it (You can put only 1 in if you want but it doesen't matter you decide), price them at 1100 each and then go tot he sign up page and make a crappy account like W00W, W01W, etc (Sign up as a teen or above). alright so your new account has only 500$ crappy eh? will make 4 pets (dont bother with the names,and stats) and be sure to open the Cartoon Network Page (At the bottom of the page where it says: "Your Pet Has Been Created!"). Now you have 800 $ still not enough, so go to the soap box, say your under 6 and do the rest of the page and voila! 1100 dollars now go to your shop (you should know how too do that).
Easy money
If you neglect your Neopet, the game will give you free money. You cannot touch the game for a day.
Mystery Money Cheat
Ok, this one is simple, but risky, but sometimes worth it (I say this, because I got 30,000 from it in 1 hour). Now, sign up, as a teenager, then go to Terror Mountain, then to the Ice Caves, then, go to the kiosk game, and play it, yeah, I know, your thinking, whats he talking about that stupid, but hey its a pretty good thing to do.
Quest Cheat
This is a little old but what the heck!? Now get a quest from the faeries and make another account (make the account pass and username easy to remember) now go there and go to the Shop Wizard, search for the item you are supposed to find, take the url and then go to your REAL account and get the money needed for the payment and voila you did your quest. (Note: Some people were calling me a liar about my pet because his abilities and strength were so high, the reason he was so good, was because, when I was around, you asked the faeries for quests, so instead of it popping up rarely).
Snowager Cheat
Well, this is a pretty good cheat, and the items, are good to get, anyhoo, make an account, go to the snowager when he's asleep, (Which I have found was 11:00 PM EST to 12:00 AM EST, and 1:00 AM EST to 2:00 AM Est) So then you try to get the item from him.
Tombolala Coins
Ok, make the account, (teen one), and make one pet, then go to shops, go to your items, and then to the Tombolala Coins, then signup for all the ones you want! (I find, the fastes ones, are the 1st, and 4th)
Selling Your Products
Alright I know from experience that the lower the prices the more customers. So go to the Shop Wizard and search for whatever product that in your store if you see someone has a lower price, lower yours by 1, just repeat over and over.
Best Time To Shop
Alright I have found that the best time to shop is from 3:00 AM (Eastern Time!) to 7:00 AM (Eastern Time!) There wont be as much people then and the Neopets Shops have items longer which means more time to browse, But dont dawdle.
Nerkmid cheat
Buy a Nerkmid anyone then put it up for auction then use it and you still get the money from the auction and you get the nerkmid but you USE the nerkmid.
Pet Combos
Mongmong + Snorkle = Moink
Poppit + Spyder = Spoppy
Angelpuss + Triffen = Blooky
To get a bigger mallet type in "a5paragu5"
Tug-O-War Passwords
Theibos= lrslsts
Khadir= sltltsr
Ramset= sslrtrl
Horak= lrlrss